Apple iOS5 Cards App Asking Please Enter Your CVV


Apple has released the iOS 5 and new Apple App Cards.


The Cards App is an exciting and easy way to send a card to someone anywhere in the world.

One thing that did surprise me was the App asked me to: Please Enter Your CVV

This is asking you to enter the Credit Card CVV number:


Either 3 or 4 digit number depending if you have an AMEX card or not.

Why I was surprised  was that apple usually make things incredibly easy to follow, but in this case I suspect that not everyone would know that the number on the back of your card are called CVV Numbers (Card Verification Value). Hence this post.

What to do?

Easy… if asked for the CVV number while using the Cards App. Just enter the number as you previously provided with the credit card on file with your iTunes account. That is all there is to do.

Why Do They Ask?

This is just anther way to verify that you are indeed you. It is a low level security check that the person who put the card on file is using the App.


6 thoughts on “Apple iOS5 Cards App Asking Please Enter Your CVV”

  1. Well, i encountered a problem because i have my payal account instead of my credit card, i dont have a CVV number, what do i do then?

    1. That is an interesting one and something that we don’t have to be concerned about down here in Australia, as Apple don’t offer that payment option.
      I would suggest trying your ZIP Code on file (probably fail) but after that, I would contact Apple support or post to the Apple forums. I would be interested to hear back what you find out.

  2. Wait, so I need a credit card connected to my account in order to buy a Card? I only have money from gift cards and no credit card.

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