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Changes to Email Services

We have made some changes to our email services as of October 2020.

Previously we advised you that when setting up email accounts for your InteractiveWebs SmarterMail services that you should used: for incoming and outgoing mail server settings.

After October 2020, can you now use (using your own domain name in place of

You don't need to do anything!

If your email is setup and working, then there is no changes required by you.

When do you need to do something?

If you are setting up a new device, you will probably find that it automatically detects the changes we have made and will auto fill in for the incoming and outgoing email servers. If the auto setup fails to detect this change, that is ok. You can just put the appropriate information in when required.

Your user name

Your user name remains your email address. with the password provided.

Why the change

It's better now! Previously the only way we could enable this feature was to spend around $380 per domain on security certificates. The technology is now available for this at a much lower cost, so we have implemented individual domain certificates on our server.

Why bother?

This would usually throw a warning when setting up mail, asking you to trust the certificate being used as the detection changed from your domain name used in the email address to our domain used for the security certificate. Now with individual domain certificates this warning is prevented and the auto configuration will work much better.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. - InteractiveWebs 

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