Microsoft Fail

.zip files from Mac OS show up as green/encrypted

Green files and folders on Windows 7 indicate they are encrypted.

Usually this is a function of a program that will make these files encrypted for a reason. Security is usually the reason. But…

An interesting little bug in the process of creating a .zip file on a mac and moving it over to a Windows computer.

When a .zip file is created according to standards for .zip files found here:

They specify that .zip archives include a tag informing about itself to the program trying to decompress the archive. This tag information is known as the “version made by” and as the name suggest, it would tag information about the program version of .zip and the files system in use.

 0 - MS-DOS and OS/2 (FAT / VFAT / FAT32 file systems)
          1 - Amiga                     2 - OpenVMS
          3 - UNIX                      4 - VM/CMS
          5 - Atari ST                  6 - OS/2 H.P.F.S.
          7 - Macintosh                 8 - Z-System
          9 - CP/M                     10 - Windows NTFS
         11 - MVS (OS/390 - Z/OS)      12 - VSE
         13 - Acorn Risc               14 - VFAT
         15 - alternate MVS            16 - BeOS
         17 - Tandem                   18 - OS/400
         19 - OS/X (Darwin)            20 thru 255 - unused

When the Mac system encrypts the files, it marks them with the attribute of being UNIX based files. Correct considering the Mac operating system is based on UNIX.

The problem arises at the Windows end. Because Windows is created by the most arrogant computer company in the world, it does not recognise that a .zip file could have been created with a computer that is not running Windows. It fails to correctly see the flag as UNIX and marks the files as Encrypted.

Leaving Files Encrypted

If the files are left as encrypted, you may find that there are problems if the files are shred on a network drive etc. Taking ownership will not change this flag, and resetting permissions does nothing.

The Easy Fix – Remove Encrypted Tag

Removing the incorrect Encrypted Flag on a green file in Windows 7, or Windows Server is really easy. Right click the file or files (holding the shift key to select multiple folders and files) then Click: Properties / Advanced / Un-tick the Encrypted Option


That’s about it. All fixed.

Microsoft–You Suck Balls!


I find it absolutely incomprehensible how hard it is to purchase a Microsoft Product and actually gain access to it.

Over the years, things have always been hard, but appear to have got a lot worse.

My Experience with MSDN Subscription.

In December I receive notice that our existing MSDN subscription is due to expire, so I set about renewing it. Now with any other company, you would just enter a credit card number into a website some place and you would be done. But Not Microsoft.

Microsoft force you to purchase through a reseller (and I get that) so we set about that path.

Our previous reseller was Ingram Micro, who totally destroyed their own business by interdicting SAP some time ago, and have got nothing right since then! So we followed the Legendry Microsoft License Expert “Shane Piercy” to Dicker Data and purchased our license there. (Thanks Shane, that was the easy part).

After some weeks, Microsoft approve our license and send an email with some details.

We then login to and revalidate an email address that we have used, validated and sign in daily with for the past 10 years. This take 3 days.

We then go to the Volume License website and find the new license needs to be added. We do this, and are advised that we again need to validate our email address. This takes 48 hours (actual time was 4 days). – Remember it is computers doing all this tricky validating of email addresses by sending us an email with a link to click.

We then check back for days in the Volume License website and are advised in the FAQ that validating the license and email can take several days. Go figure!

Finally after 5 days the license appears, and we find that we need to then assign it to a user. We start doing this and fail several times before ringing their Asian America support line and chat to a helpful person who suggest a lot of things before mentioning the catch phrase “What version of IE are you using?”  – I almost blurt out… “Why would I use such a F#&!ed browser!” before explaining that I was using Chrome. Heaven forbid I was on a Mac and did not have access to IE at all.

We finally worked out that IE is required for “This Website” even though there is no detection on the website warning you of this.

So I fired up IE, and set about assigning a user to this license before I get this error.


Lucky I am on the phone to the Philippines at the time and ask.. “What Next?”

MS support take all my details again, and advise they will assign the license. This will take only 1 hour to complete. (Believe that when I see it).

I ask for an email address for my support dude. No, he does not have an email address, only a team address that I can use his name in and someone may forward it to him. Remember here I am communicating via a POT (Plain Old Telephone) to the number 2 (I like saying that) IT company in the world. Why can’t I email the dude, or skype, or MSN, or live chat, or SMS, or whatever.. No the only way to get him is call a POT and wait in queue like I did in the last century.

So now I wait. 30 days down, and still no access to something I have paid for. Can you frigging believe it!

The story is not over yet, but I just know I will not have access in 1 hour from now. That would be way to easy.

Microsoft – if you want to know why you are failing. It is because everything you do is 10 x harder than it needs to be. Compare this experience to Apple App store on the Mac!

You have a lot of catching up to do MS!

Microsoft White Papers–Kill Me now!

A Microsoft Team Member Accessing one of their White Papers!
Having just beaten the Microsoft CRM IFD challenge, I felt it necessary to blog about how mush I dislike the way Microsoft supply data about their own products.
The image above is not too far from the truth. You read a pile of “bla bal” data, only to find that the detail about the really important and difficult part is vague and relies on prior knowledge or experience to complete.
Evidence of this is the number of internal blogs, videos and instructional information that is always produced by MS team members and community members explaining the real low down on how to get their stuff to work.

Want to know what a White Paper is?

Google “Microsoft White Papers”
Returns this:
That opens to this:
This gives a URL:
That fails to this:
GO Microsoft!
So their Bing steps in with a suggestion. Did I mean
Do you mean service providers bus resources bizreswp?
Really Microsoft, things should be getting better, not worse!

Problems with Windows Closing Programs and Logging off

Microsoft Fail of the Week! – Where are they going with all this?

I’m rather sick of Microsoft “fixing” things in version updates to Windows. Here is one I just love to hate.

I’m RDP into a server.

Doing some server work.

I finish and click log off. (Windows 2008 R2)


I get a confirmation about it. – YES


I get another confirmation about it – YES and Force


Then is just sits there forever.

Now I remote check the server performance. Guess what. the server load is through the roof. And stays that way for a considerable amount of time.


Remote shutdown is disabled, and failing.


The machine is in some sort of Microsoft Hell.

Now it may be me, but did programs not shutdown correctly for like the last 15 years of Microsoft Windows, when you logged off.

As a server administrator, am I so daft that I need a reminder about logging off closing my programs, and a way that no earlier versions of Windows did, but now suddenly they have to invent a jquery style splash page that DOES NOT WORK.

Here is a tip for Microsoft. When you are working on new versions of software. MAKE THEM BETTER not worse than your last version!

Now when I next login, it is giving me some Shutdown Event Tracker errors:


Where is the option for “It’s a busted ass Microsoft Bug”


So I’m forced to comment in the usual server administrator way.


Really why force me to type anything. I’m not a child!

Then I get this:


No message, no “On solution found” it just disappears from screen. WTF.

It’s like they have beat me with a stick till I have to go and try a Mac. Honestly! Who’s running that place?

This looks serious about something. Can’t imagine it is GOOD QUALITY SOFTWARE! You?

Written with Windows Live Writer. The only good new software to come out of Microsoft in the last 10 years. Well done to the one dude that wrote it. Don’t let me screw it up into the future!

Should I install Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 ie9

flash player doesn't work on ie9I asked this question of myself, knowing full well that the answer is a clear NO. But I suckered myself into thinking “I remember those glory days of waiting for every new MS software release”.
So I did my research. Pretty much people are saying the same thing. It’s potentially better than IE 8, but still not going to take on Chrome or Firefox, plus there are some bugs and headaches due your way.
As dumb as I am, I managed to talk myself into the upgrade, be seeing that this version should upgrade and downgrade with ease. In other words, when it all fails, I can uninstall.
So I did it…
You guessed it. First thing!
That was before the version was even completed for the install.
Then came…
So at this point I am wondering why Firefox and Chrome both update without rebooting my computer? How 2000 ish right?
So I reboot.
Next I noticed the Flash is no longer working. As I have the adobe suite installed, and their software updates have been working well on CSS 5. I tried to run that. IT found no updates.
Hit google to see what the story is… BANG. we are into the Microsoft world of pain.

Try removing flash completly. There is the flash uninstaller somewhere on the macromedia website. also remove the activex flash plugin if thats not removed by the uninstaller. Then restart(always best thing to do) and reinstall. Try googleing flash uninstaller. There is one for flash v 7 and v8 depeding on waht you have.

What? I just updated Firefox to version 4 without this sort of crap. Why is this such a pain.
So a little more research shows this:

Internet Explorer 9 seems to have a few issues as far as plugins, applets and third party software are concerned. In fact, a lot of users, after the release of the final Internet Explorer 9 version (IE9) report that Flash player doesn’t work anymore (it has stopped working) on their Windows Vista and Windows 7. Actually, the issue seems to be affecting a lot of Windows 7 64 bit computers. This will prevent users to watch Flash videos (such YouTube videos for example) and play online games. Websites and blogs won’t be displayed correctly, also. Such issue is not new to tell you the truth, as it has been reported on a lot of forums and threads in the past but Microsoft seems not to have resolved it properly. Here are a couple of temporary solutions that should be able to fix the Flash issue.
It might seems silly, but before going deeper about talking Flash fixes and blame Internet Explorer 9 about it, please make sure that you have installed the Flash plugin to your computer. You can download the latest Flash plugin (player) here. In case you still do not manage to watch Flash videos and see Flash websites correctly on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), follow these easy steps:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Open Control Panel.
  3. Open Internet Options.
  4. Click the advanced tab.
  5. Click the Reset button.
  6. Tick the Delete Personal Settings checkbox and click reset again.
  7. Open Internet Explorer 9 and try to watch a YouTube video

Na, Microsoft you must be dreaming if you think I am still interested in playing this game. Are you for real?
So I checked out the few things that I actually am forced to use IE for. Mostly Microsoft CRM. Found the speed was complete indistinguishable between IE 8 and IE 9.
Bang. New decision. Uninstall the mongrel.
Another Microsoft Fail.
– Additional Notes from a user:
Many users, including myself, have had trouble using the new Internet Explorer 9 beta because of a message that pops up when you start the browser stating that “Internet Explorer 9 has stopped working” in a continuous loop. There have been a few posts online on supposedly how to fix it by disabling an incompatible addon, but most users are saying this doesn’t work. The problem actually seems to lie in some older Intel graphics cards, so the new GPU acceleration feature gets confused. To fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. After you’ve installed IE9 beta, click the start button, go to the control panel, then click Network and Internet.
  2. After you click that, click on Internet Options.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, then checkmark ‘Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering*’ (screenshot below)
  4. Open IE9 beta and problem solved!