getting started

Editing (Without Word) and Deleting Content

You’ve got this website and you want to change some of your wording because it just doesn’t feel right, it’s only a quick change and you’re not on your computer so you don’t have Word. Not a problem! Step 1, log in to your website using the login link in the top right.
Now the magic can happen. Go to the section of the page you’re not happy with, put your mouse over it and a border will appear around it, in the bottom left of this newly bordered box you’ll see those 2 wonderful words “Edit Content”, click them.
A new page will load displaying your content, go in and change whatever wording you’d like then scroll down a little and click Save.

Undoing Changes

Crisis! You’ve accidentally rid of something you really needed and you can’t remember what it was! Crisis averted. Go back into “Edit Content” scroll all the way down to the bottom. You will see “Version History” with an arrow next to it, click it and it will expand down with the last few changes.
Select the last version you know was safe and click the little green button to the right of it. When you scroll up your content will be back how it was, (now you can make more changes if you want), click “Save”. Done!
Maybe you’ve decided it’s all wrong! It has to go! Very carefully put your mouse over the gear symbol next to the edit pencil, hover over it and a menu will appear. In there you’ll see “Delete”, click to remove it, but only if you’re sure!

Editing Websites With Word 365

It is time! Your website is up and running, but you’ve got some information burning away that needs to go on the website. Step 1: Log in to the website (top right hand corner of the site).


Now you’re logged in, you’ll see a bit black bar at the top of the screen, we need to edit the page, so click on “Edit Page” to the top right hand side of the page. Then in the menu that opens, click “Edit this Page”.


Next, in the top right of the area you want to edit you’ll see 3 icons, hover over the pencil to show a menu. Click “Edit in Word” (To see how to do it without Microsoft Word check out our post on “Editing (Without Word) and Deleting Content”).


If this is your first time, something strange will happen, a box will open and tell you that you need to install something. Lets get briefly technical for those who care, but you can skip to the next paragraph if you just want to get on with it. We’ve installed something called a “module” that will allow the website to open Word 365 and Accept information from Word 365 because we built it to suit Microsoft’s software. They however did not build Word with us in mind (rude right?), so this software install lets Word know how to send your content to the website.


We now need to install this bit of software so click “Download Word Addin” Then follow the install prompts to get Word 365 comfortable with our software.

When complete we can open our content in Word 365 and edit the  content in the same way we would edit any other document, then it’s just a matter of clicking the big orange “Publish” and your website gets updated!