How to discover your Facebook ID

Discover Your Facebook ID There is one really easy and surefire way to discover your Facebook ID. Navigate to this URL: https://graph.facebook.com/interactivewebs and replace in the URL interactivewebs with your own Facebook username. https://graph.facebook.com/yourusername When the page loads, you will see something like this: { "id": "100000310593653", "name": "David Finley", "first_name": "David", "last_name": "Finley", "link": "http://www.facebook.com/interactivewebs", "username": "interactivewebs", "gender": "male", "locale": "en_US" }   Your ID are the numbers in the inverted commas that follow the ID.line . so Sn this case. th TIT would be: 100000310593653