Catalook Credit Card Dropdown Expiry Year

Catalook Credit Card Dropdown Year We experienced a problem with the store checkout only listing a creadit card expiry date up to 2015  Thus the drop down selector in the Credit Card field for expiry date would not allow years fat enough into the future that the customer could select the correct expiry date. The solution we found was this: Navigating to the “Your Cart” module. You can do this by login in as an admin (not host) and buying a product. When it takes you to the cart module…Select… Read MoreCatalook Credit Card Dropdown Expiry Year »

Adding .OFT Fonts to IIS Mime for DNN DotNetNuke

Making .OTF Font work in DotNetNuke DNN Skin To get a DotNetNuke DNN site to correctly display .OTF fonts, it is necessary to add a MIME type to IIS. Making this change is easy. In IIS, click on the Server Name.Double Click on MIME Types Add a New MIME Type – .otf – Font/otf That’s it. For good measure you could restart IIS from a command prompt with “IISRESET”

DotNetNuke can’t upgrade as Host Login does not work

DotNetNuke Upgrade Fails. Cannot login with Host. If you are trying to upgrade your DotNetNuke site and found that you are presented with the Welcome to the DotNetNuke Upgrade Page, but can’t login with your Host (SuperUser) account. DotNetNuke Upgrade – Version 06.02.07 Current Version – 06.02.05 Welcome to the DotNetNuke Upgrade Page. The first step is to choose the language you wish to use for the Upgrade. You are about to upgrade your website to a more recent version of the DotNetNuke application. Applying upgrades on a consistent basis… Read MoreDotNetNuke can’t upgrade as Host Login does not work »

DotNetNuke HTML Editor Background Black

When you get a black background in the HTML Editor. The solution is easy. Look for the file found here: \Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\Telerik\Config\ConfigDefault.xml Edit it to add this line: <property name="CssFiles">~/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Telerik/Config/EditorCustom.css</property> Looking like this: Then edit this file: \Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\Telerik\Config\EditorCustom.css To look like this: body {   background-color: white;   background-image: url(image_path);   color: black; }   That’s about it.

DotNetNuke Forum Module 05.00.02 The missing link!

DotNetNuke 05.06.03 Pain If you look at the project downloads for dotnetnuke, you will notice that the forums module has the latest version as: 05.00.01 And if you click the link from within this page: 05.00.01 is exactly what you get. All sounds neat and tidy… right? Not really, because if you install the latest version of DotNetNuke 05.06.03 (an important security release) you will kill your forums. Dead as dead. And if you check around for an update of the forum module, you will not find one either… Read MoreDotNetNuke Forum Module 05.00.02 The missing link! »

Problem With DNN Blog Module 04.01.00 – 01

We found an issue with what is the current release version of DotNetNuke Blog module 04.01.00 or 04.01.01. First up, we don’t know what the version number should actually be, as the compiled version on the download is 04.01.00 but the source code is referenced as 04.01.01. We presume there is some difference, but who knows what it is. Anyway The Problem The problem is that any forms on a page that run the blog module, will not allow form data to be validated. By validated, we are talking about… Read MoreProblem With DNN Blog Module 04.01.00 – 01 »

DotNetNuke Automated Backlink Module

  Today we released an update to the Automatic Backlink Module for DotNetNuke. Details of the update are available here: But include improvements on the way site monitoring is handled and the way the module works with the known GZIP issues. An example of the module can be seen here: where you can add your site for back linking.

Codeplex InteractiveWebs Profile Updated

Today we updated out profile at Codeplex mostly so that we could slam a review up for the latest dotnetnuke 5.6.2 release. The review points out that the release is not one of the worst releases of dotnetnuke, but it is buggy and caused us some problems. We are quite disappointed that this is the last 5x release, and hold little hope about the initial releases of DotNetNuke 6x. Shame for all the hype and spin that dnn corporation have been putting on themselves that they are so happy… Read MoreCodeplex InteractiveWebs Profile Updated »