iPhone 4 has Video Call – Announced WWDC 2010

Thanks to http://www.engadget.com

"So in 2007 when we launched the iPhone, it was my privilege to make a call to Jony Ive… and I’m going to do the same thing now." Boom, video call.


Now the iPhone 4G running on the iOS4 has built in video call

“You know I grew up with the Jetsons… and video calls… and now it’s real. What about you?" Jony: "I grew up with the same thing, and it’s real now!" Steve: "It is real… especially when people turn off their WiFi." Jony: "We’ve had to wait an awful long time for this to become reality." Steve: "Okay, let’s have lunch soon."

It’s called FaceTime. WiFi only. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. No setup.

11:38AM Wow — very cool. Two people speaking in sign language on the phone. We’re getting a little choked up! That’s a pretty cool use.

11:38AM Wow. You can flip the image to the rear camera. This commercial is pretty intense.

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