Find a Stylist or Find a Salon

We have been working with the crew from The Stylist Finder who have a website that allows you to find a stylist near to you.

We have modified a DotNetNule module for them, to allow for the rating of Stylists and Salons to give a review.

The search page allows for listing of Hair Stylists and Salon by state across the united states. As an example, this is a listing for Stylists in Chicargo IL or Stylists in Michigan for example. You can find a professional hair salon michigan.

We look forward to improving the custom DNN Module that they original had developed by another DotNetNuke Module developer.

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Printer Fail due to a Mouse Problem

Call to IT Department
:                      Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer Service
:    What is wrong with it?
:                      Mouse is jammed.
Customer Service
:    Mouse? Printers don’t have a mouse.
:                      Mmmmm…….. oh really?… I will send a picture.


Digg This is Down error=Index+was+outside+the+bounds+of+the+array.&content=0

I have been trying to access the DotNetNuke website for some hours today, and have only ever received this error:


DotNetNuke Error


  An error has occurred.
An error has occurred.

Not really the best look for a CMS system. But hay… it is holidays and now they are a corporation, we cannot expect anyone to be on deck this early in the new year!

Ford Focus Rims

Our Wheel King client has posted some interesting data on the Ford Focus Rims, including an interesting review of the wheels available for the popular model. Here is an extract from the page: Ford Focus
A lot of so called sports cars these days comprise of little more than a badge, a spoiler kit and a set of alloy wheels – an anodyne, half baked attempt at attracting the brain dead if you ask me. But if instead you’re the type whose right foot gets a little itchy at the mere idea of pounding down a twisty country road in a no holds barred bona fide hot hatch, then perhaps you’d better take a look at this.
The face-lifted LV Focus XR5 Turbo, unlike its LT series South African siblings, is a completely German designed and manufactured five-door, five-seater boasting not only the sporty good looks deserved of wearing the XR badge, but a tremendous and dynamic engine and handling package sure to delight the driver in all of us.
From the supportive embrace of the Recaro bucket seats to the passive-aggressive attitude of the restyled (kinetic) front end, the XR5T offers a combination of looks, practicality, performance and price that has lured many an eight-cylinder purist in recent times. Not hard to see then how this little champion has earned an almost cult-like following.
Far from being a bare-bones boy racer though, XR5T includes such modern niceties as a sweet sounding Sony MP3 compatible premium six CD tuner with remote audio controls, a sassy leather bound tilt/telescopic adjustable steering wheel, multi-function trip computer, sports instrument cluster, power windows with one touch up front, power and heated wing mirrors, air-conditioning, remote control central locking with keyless starter button, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, and height adjustable halogen headlamps.

GTS Wheel HSV W427

We are pleased to announce a range of GTS Wheel information available on the Wheel King website.
This page offers a full range of information about the GTS Wheel Rims. All the products can be purcahsed through the Website. Here is an extract of some of the information.
With petrol prices at record levels, interest rates on the up, talk of ‘social responsibility’ and the need to downsize everywhere you turn — and public opinion suggesting local car builders have lost relevance — could you pick a worse time to launch a $150K-plus Aussie-built 7.0-litre (427ci!) “supercar”?

Probably not — which makes HSV’s feat of selling out its 2008 build allocation of Australia’s most expensive, most powerful and largest capacity production road car yet, even more amazing…
HSV’s $155,500 7.0-litre 375kW limited-edition W427 was launched earlier this week to the rampant ringing of the cash registers across the go-fast Holden arm’s 57-strong dealer network. Built to celebrate HSV’s 20th Anniversary year and assembled at HSV’s Clayton factory, 90 W427s will be built between now and the end of 2008.
As this article was written, every one of those cars has a confirmed retail customer’s name on it. HSV has guaranteed it will build no more than 427 W427s. It has reserved build numbers #1-5 and #427 for its own cars, but the others are up for grabs.
What it will not do is build cars without a confirmed customer order. HSV is adamant no W427s will be built for stock.
With Aussie musclecars now a collectable commodity, initial interest in the instant classic has been stronger than even HSV insiders imagined. HSV’s top dealer, City HSV in Perth, is currently holding 15 confirmed W427 orders, the deliveries of which will stretch well into 2009.
Only a handful of those 15 are included in the initial ‘sold out’ batch of 90 cars.
Read more from GTS Wheel rim page.

Snow Leopard problems with Live Sync Folder Share

We are big fans of the Folder Share (now known as Live Sync) technology from…. cough cough cough Microsoft.windowslivelogo
I say that because the technology was not developed by them, but was taken over in recent years by them. In a nut shell, the Live Sync will allow you to take a folder or folders on one computer and share it with others or other computers of yours over the wire. As unremarkable as this sounds, it is actually a very cool application.

  • It will keep both locations in sync, and manage conflicts.
  • It will allow you to auto or manually sync
  • It will work over the wire or locally

We use it for teams of workers who work from multiple locations like via a laptop or home office, sharing all our compiled code to allow one big consistent sync.
I also use it personally to backup My Music files and My Pictures and video folders, and sync to a Media PC from my main desktop.
The only problem was the the application stopped working on my Mac Book Pro after updating to Snow Leopard. The application failed to sign into the Live Sync account correctly. So like loads of others, we waited and waited for MS to sort this out… and finally they have released a new version for download on the Live Sycn website.
Although you would not know it, as the usual MS crap with version numbers that mean nothing, and no release date information on the site… but download it and you will be back in business sharing files from a PC to a MAC.
All our Custom DNN Module work is back in business.

Our First InteractiveWebs Blog

This is the very first Blog we have made. Until now we are focused entirely on the world of custom DotNetNuke Modules, Microsoft CRM and xRM integration technologies and SilverLight 3.0.
With all the Free DNN Modules to publish for download from our site at and the custom module development work, we have never found the time to share so much as a thought to blogging.
The time has come, and we expect this blog to be a point of contact for people interested in our DotNetNuke skins, modules, and hosting, but also a place where we can share the expertise we have developed over many years of working with ASP.Net and other Microsoft Technologies.
We hope you enjoy reading what we have to share.