LH Pilot – 9.2.02

Update 9.2.02 Improved – We have found and improved some of the Decode Weather code that struggled with certain specific locations that publish non standard METAR and TAF data. Added – New pattern recognition code that better handles non standard WX information for decode. – Added Variable Winds Decode. – Variable Visibility Decode. – Recent SX WX Decode – Sea Status in WX Decode Notes As it turns out, the decoding of weather world wide is rather complex. It is surprising just how many countries have their own format and data sets. Russia with Runway snow and braking information, temperate in different units, QNH, auto machine forecasts to name a few. We hop that any… Read More »LH Pilot – 9.2.02

LH Pilot – 9.2.01

Update 9.2.01 Improved – Improved the retrieval of Weather TAF and TTF in multi thread and multi station simultaneous download. Added – This release includes decode information for TTF METAR and TAF data on a worldwide scale. Notes As it turns out, the decoding of weather world wide is rather complex. It is surprising just how many countries have their own format and data sets. Russia with Runway snow and braking information, temperate in different units, QNH, auto machine forecasts to name a few. We hop that any inaccuracies are reported via the feedback within the app, and screen shots.  

Should I load windows 8?

Should I load windows 8? This is the question that many people are going to be asking themselves over the next year or two. So I though I would throw my opinion into the mix for those who value it. Windows 8 is an interesting beast It gets really easy as I get older and the Blamer years draw to a close, to actively dislike most of the innovations coming from Microsoft. You can only feel sorry for them really as peoples user experience with other technologies makes consumers realise what a mediocre user experience the Windows years have been. Mean time, Microsoft have woken up to several facts that clearly have influenced the Windows… Read More »Should I load windows 8?

Cantaport Shading System

Cantaport Shading System Recently our client Totally Outdoors added a new cantaport shading system to their product list. This Melbourne based builder now provides some commercial shading solutions that are excellent for both domestic and commercial designs. Check out their website here: Cantaport shading system design benefits provides an exciting range of options particular for School, Sporting clubs  and Local Councils for uses such as Open Shelters for bikes, Bus, play ground and sports grounds. Totally Outdoors professional structure of Architectural designs, 20 years of providing installed outcomes combine to deliver known outcomes across a range of project types.

Tall Tails–Mobile Dog Grooming Melbourne

Tall Tails Mobile Dog Grooming Service Melbourne has a new website. This new site is a free website run using InteractiveWebs domain name hosting services and email services, but allows the owner to run the website management using the free content management system.

CRM Anywhere – CRM Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live

CRM Anywhere Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live   Microsoft CRM 2012 – CRM Anywhere Q2 2012   Preview some upcoming features in Q2 "R8" such as mobility, BI and Analytics enhancements from Reuben Krippner a MSFT Technical Product Management Lead in this video. One of the most talked about improvements in CRM Anywhere is the introduction of a new mobility component dubbed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile. Cross-Browser Support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile isn’t the only reason Microsoft is calling the coming update CRM Anywhere. Users of CRM Online 2011 will now be able to access the application using the following browser versions (see below). To understand why this is so important for CRM… Read More »CRM Anywhere – CRM Q2 CY 2012 Service Update Now Live

Veranda's | Pergolas | Patios | Alfresco | Designs Kits Melbourne Builders

We are please to announce the launch of one of Melbourne’s premier builders websites. The site for focuses on: Verandahs | Pergolas | Patios | Alfresco | Designs Kits Melbourne Builders As a supplier of: Centenary Pergolas & Carports Eclipse – Louver Roofs Solarspan Roofing Totally Outdoors are one of Australia’s premier supplier and builder of outdoor roofing needs. We are please to be providing services to them, and welcome them on board the InteractiveWebs team.

Financial Planning Advice in Sydney Owen Hodge

Today we launched a make over of the Owen Hodge Financial Planning website.   At Owen Hodge Financial Planning we offer advice and create solutions that fit your individual needs. Importantly, our clients have trusted us to deliver worthwhile advice for over 60 years. We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your financial needs and to offer worthwhile advice that you can benefit from, now and over the long term. Check out the new website at:

Sydney Photography Website Launched

Today we have launched a new Sydney Photography Website for John Armytage Photography. One of Sydney’s newest professional photography specialists, John has launched this website to support the sale of some of the tremendous photos he takes. Check out all the details at:

DotNetNuke 6 Gets Blog Module

We have updated our popular Mushroom Lite module that is used to integrate WordPress blogs module into DotNetNuke. The module is now ready for use on DotNetNuke 6x versions, and can be seen here: pulling feeds directly from our blog here:

DotNetNuke iPhone iPad App Launched

If you like DotNetNuke and have an iPhone or iPad, then DotNetNuke – DNN News App if for you! InteractiveWebs have released a DNN community specific App to help interested people say in touch with the latest goings on in the DotNetNuke world. Now you can browse the latest news, modules and skin information about the popular DotNetNuke CMS system all from your mobile device. The App is a native Xcode universal app (meaning it works on both the iPad and iPhone natively. It is designed to tap into community news and information and discussions around DotNetNuke to allow you to read stay up to date with the latest news and events.

DotNetNuke Automated Backlink Module

  Today we released an update to the Automatic Backlink Module for DotNetNuke. Details of the update are available here: But include improvements on the way site monitoring is handled and the way the module works with the known GZIP issues. An example of the module can be seen here: where you can add your site for back linking.

DotNetNuke Users Online Gadget Widget iPhone App

Today we have released a new version of our Users Online gadget is getting ready for our iPhone app release that will support this module. Today we have released a new version of the DotNetNuke Users Online Gadget module that allows you to monitor your website from: Windows Gadget Mac Widget Google Gadget Todays update can be seen here: and is getting the module ready for the pending release of our iPhone app that will allow you to connect and monitor your site directly on your iPhone.

iWebs News–Now available on the iPhone and iPad

Today marks a big day for us at InteractiveWebs. We have had approved and released our version 2.0 update to our popular iPhone app “iWebs News”. What’s New The App has been totally rewritten by us, and now is released as a native Xcode iPad & iPhone app in one. So if you have an iPad, and have previously seen our iWebs News app, then please check out the app on your iPad. It is a terrific experience. Why is it a Big Deal for us? Much of our focus over the last 8 months has been on enabling our team to produce rapid iPhone and iPad apps. In order to do this, we felt… Read More »iWebs News–Now available on the iPhone and iPad

Eating Our Own Dogfood – InteractiveWebs

We “Eat our Own Dog food”; as the saying goes (user our own software), and use the module on our own site in many locations. Have a look at these pages, much of the content is from our blog site here: Check out the links and the way the Mushroom Lite Module for DotNetNuke works.

Description Field Templates for Picasa–Desc

Google Picasa has the ability to enter a description for an image. That description text is usually an explanation of what the image is about. We have the ability to access this description text of images using the token: ${item.description} within the template. To make this easy, we have added a second template to the templates within this module, using the same name but with “Desc” in the name. Where The – Dec versions of the templates like the Light box-Desc will display the description text. The templates remain editable as usual, to those of you who are skilled with HTML, CSS etc. We just thought it would be best to include these templates to… Read More »Description Field Templates for Picasa–Desc

New DotNetNuke Module–Mushroom Image

This week we are releasing the first of our Integration module suite. The suite called Mushroom is designed to allow integration between WordPress, DotNetNuke, Social Media, and iPhone App. The first module we are publically releasing is called “Mushroom Image” and is an image rotator style module that allows feeds from WordPress to run images directly into your DotNetNuke website. Like our other recent module releases, we have designed the backend for easy and fast configuration using JS as the basis of the User Interface. Templates With all our recent dnn modules, we have used a template CSS / HTML system to allow the end users interface to be customized. Here are some examples of… Read More »New DotNetNuke Module–Mushroom Image

Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011

This cracks me up. Some time ago, someone at Microsoft decided to add our team to the “metro” early adopter program for CRM 4.0 We never did anything, asked for anything and frankly could care less what is going on with Microsoft. Like we would want to throw our lives away testing Microsoft Beta releases! Anyway, from time to time I get messages from the metro team like this: Hello, We are writing from the Metro Early Adopter Program. Thank you for your Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011. The Dynamics CRM 2011 early adopter program has been shipped and is no longer accepting nominations. For this reason you, “”… Read More »Nomination form requesting access to participate in the Dynamics CRM 2011

Free Online Quote website–Quoteroller website

Today we were checking out a fellow developers online quote system. They have turned it into a free quote system that allows you to send a quote to a customer via email and the web. This is a tremendous way to communicate quotes to potential customers and look professional while doing it. Send and manage proposals online Super easy to use, Quote Roller saves you time and helps to close deals faster. You will find that creating proposals is fun and enjoyable process. Automate the process Choose a proposal template, select a client, add products and services and hit send. Several simple steps to create a professional proposal. Accept, discuss, collaborate Allow clients to instantly… Read More »Free Online Quote website–Quoteroller website

Auto Update to Widows Live Writer Killed my Launch Icon

The recent auto update to the Windows Live 2011 Beta that automatically ran on my windows 7 system. Automatically and without me needing to do needing to do anything at all… killed the desktop launch icon that was used. Isn’t is great that the thing that Microsoft is best at is killing things automatically. I found a recent picture of the Microsoft “Leader” Guess it all makes sense now why the only thing they do well tends to tick me off! As for the new Windows Live Writer 2011. Works exactly like the old one, but has the following new features. Feature List Removal of the word BETA from the program name Kills your desktop… Read More »Auto Update to Widows Live Writer Killed my Launch Icon

DNN Podcast about the DotNetNuke Pivot Module

The dnn podcast page has been updated with some profile data about InteractiveWebs, indicating some of the work we specialise in. If you would like to see more, click here. David Finley, InteractiveWebs David is from InteractiveWebs based in Sydney Australia. InteractiveWebs is a technology focused business with extensive experience with DotNetNuke Module development, having released over 24 modules for public sale. As well as DNN Modules, InteractiveWebs has extensive experience with Microsoft CRM Customization, Silverlight application development, and iOS iPhone and iPad application development with integration into DotNetNuke. For more information about custom dnn module development, please visit their site: 34. DotNetNuke, Microsoft Pivot and DNN News Sunday, October 03, 2010 Interview with:Lee… Read More »DNN Podcast about the DotNetNuke Pivot Module

DotNetNuke Podcast–Microsoft Pivot and DNN News

Technorati Tags: DotNetNuke Podcast This week we have released with Lee Sykes a DotNetNuke Podcast about Microsoft Pivot. The podcast covers the following: It has been a while David interviewing Lee, background and what has been happening DNN Creative background DotNetNuke businesses and opportunities Low cost entry into the market Our 5th birthday Microsoft Pivot background and explanation Resources and free videos to view on Pivot Exploration and manipulation of data Navigating data as a web rather than page to page, deep diving, finding trends DotNetNuke Pivot module Displaying data from a DotNetNuke website Security roles, portals, logins, countries of registered users Building a Pivot card and displaying with images Potential for building Pivot… Read More »DotNetNuke Podcast–Microsoft Pivot and DNN News