E-mail Tips

Problem with moving email servers to new IP

We have discovered a rather annoying email problem this week. Because of a closure of a data centre we have used for over 10 years, we have been forced to pickup our servers and move them over to a new data centre. As annoying and as much work as this is, we have found one particular issue with the change of our primary email servers over to a new IP. In recent years, there has been a new emergence of spam email fighting systems. Cisco is using it’s power of… Read MoreProblem with moving email servers to new IP »

How to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003

Understanding non-delivery reports NDR or Non Delivery Reports are potentially a great way of telling a user that they made a typo with an email address and that the email could not be delivered. In a 1999 world, this would be fine. However we are in a world now where email servers are flooded with spam, and lots of it, replying to every junk email that is hitting all the imaginary email addresses on your server (support@, admin@ help@ etc) is not a good idea, and it causes what is… Read MoreHow to turn off NDR’s in Exchange 2003 »