Windows Live Messenger on Multiple Monitors System Windows 7

I have a system that has multiple monitors and we use a great little application called ultramon that allows you to have a desktop tray on all monitors. The idea being that the monitor with the application running on it will have a desktop try icon to control the application.

This is good to allow you to control applications from the system try on the appropriate monitor.

It has bugged me that the Windows Live Messenger is the only program I run that kept a system try icon on the primary monitor and duplicated another icon on the second monitor where the program was running.

But there is a solution.

1. Close Windows Live Messenger

2. Search for Live Messenger in the start menu, and right click and select Properties.

3. Select Compatibility Tab


4. Select run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista


This will put the main monitor desktop icon back into the mini icon format.


And as they say… Bob is your fathers brother!

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