DragonDictate for Mac 4.0 and VMware fusion lower case text only


I have recently upgraded to Dragon dictate for Mac 4.0 and was surprised to find that when dictating into a virtual machine running under VMware fusion, that the dictation would only produce lowercase text. This is particularly annoying when you get to something like? That requires an uppercase press. Instead you end up with /

While this is not a complete showstopper, as it is possible to dictate into a Mac notepad and then copy and paste the text directly into the VMware fusion instance, this still frustrating to note that this area has been around since version 3.0 at least.  I would have expected had some attention may be paid to this.

 If anyone has any information that is helpful with this I would appreciate you posting it.


4 thoughts on “DragonDictate for Mac 4.0 and VMware fusion lower case text only”

  1. I have just purchased Dragon Medical for Mac for use over VMware to streamline my home radiology reporting and have come across the same problem. Probably is a show stopper for me

    1. Update to this. I do not think this is a VMware issue after all. Sentences are correctly capitalised in MS word through VMware. Its only in the Sectra RIS report that there is an issue. Have a RIS upgrade coming later this month so hopefully it will work correctly then

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