DotNetNuke Email Setup and Maps

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lee SykesInterview with:Lee Sykes
David Finleyand David Finley

In this podcast we discuss how to correctly set up email in DotNetNuke and understanding SMTP and the common traps to avoid. We also look at working with maps and map modules in DotNetNuke and the powerful uses for Google Maps and Google Earth.

The podcast covers the following:

  • Email Setup
  • Typical email problems in DotNetNuke
  • What is SMTP?
  • SMTP mail servers
  • How you would typically experience SMTP servers outside of DNN
  • What is POP3 / Exchange / Webmail?
  • What traps are there with SMTP servers?
    • Relay
    • IP lockdown
    • Send Limits
    • No relay
    • Domain lockdown
    • SSL
    • Ports and restrictions
  • How does Google and Hotmail play with this?
  • What do you need to know to configure SMTP in DNN?
  • How to configure SMTP in DNN
  • Traps with SMTP in DNN
  • Admin email address
  • Locked domain
  • External domain limits or blocks
  • Administrator email settings configuration
  • Maps in DotNetNuke
  • Introduction to Google Maps
  • How maps can be useful for data research
  • How maps can be useful for business and sales teams
  • Map modules in DotNetNuke
  • GeoSprawl DotNetNuke Locator module
  • ZLDNN Advanced Biz Map module
  • Google Earth
  • Business data analysis
  • Data mapped to suburbs
  • Tally of all people in suburbs and 3D chart developed
  • Immediately could see where largest registered number of users were on the map
  • Telco provider able to plot footprint of tower and users
  • Enables tracking of where next towers need to be built
  • Locations of handsets at various times of days

If there are any subjects you would like us to discuss in the podcast please submit your request in the Podcasts section of the DNN Creative Forum.

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