Chrome–An additional plug-in is required to display some elements on this page–Solved

Install Plug-in


If you are receiving this error in Chrome, and finding that installing the plugin does absolutely nothing.

And clicking the":


Takes you to a Windows media and Java error page.


Which if you bother to follow the instructions will not help you at all.

The cause

Almost certainly the cause of this problem is going to be a recent update by Skype. One could posture that it did not take long after the Microsoft purchase for Skype to become annoying, but I am saddened to say that I thin they have buggered it up without needing to call anyone from the Vista development team.


The most recent update of Skype adds a little feature to your browsers (without asking you) that reads numbers that look like phone numbers and allows you to click and call them in Skype.

It also adds a little blue Skype thing to the top of you page:


The Solution

So the fix to stop Chrome asking you about installing a plug-in all the time is to disable the Skype plugin in Chrome.

1. Click the spanner


2. Tools \ Extensions

3. Un-tick the Skype Extension


That should be all you need to do to stop Skype mucking up your browser.



It is bad practice for Skype or anyone to add invasive features such as this that “take over” your experience without making it clear in the install process that this is being done. Skype did it in the past then dropped the idea. Not sure why they have returned to it, but it sucks!

I remember the annoying days of Real Player and their invasive installs that totally bombarded you with their crappy experience. I hope that Skype is not taking that path.

Interestingly the only other plugin that I found installed in Chrome that I was not asked specifically if I wanted installed was a RealPlayer extension.


Funny that!~


14 thoughts on “Chrome–An additional plug-in is required to display some elements on this page–Solved”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for that “solution” but I want the Skype to Call be running and working as it does in FF and other Browsers.
    Now whatever you say about Skype and MSFT may be true – but Google is even worse simply trying to make us use their products by telling us to uninstall this Extension instead of solving the problem and fixing the bug in their Browser.

    1. The fix works. That’s what matters to most of us. Thank you!
      As for extensions and other garbage installed with a user’s knowledge or that negatively affect a user’s experience, it’s wrong.
      Someone engineers an extension or app and they can’t determine that it screws with popular browsers or programs? Embarrassing! Fire the box up, run through some checks, and then send it to the field.
      No wonder Apple runs circles around other tech companies.

    2. Oops! “should say ‘without a user’s knowledge'” <– an example of rapid quality control 🙂

    3. Kenneth Blevins

      Thank you. The fix worked for me also. This was so annoying. I uninstalled Skype completely from my computer as a result and do not plan to re-install it.

    4. Most awesome. Thank you!
      Incidentally, I didn’t disable. I uninstalled. When I did, Skype tried reinstalling the plug-in.

    5. i defintely won’t uninstall skype completely,as i subscribe to their 2.99 subscription thingy,which i take full advantage of on a daily basis. but i’m glad to finally find out what the frigging error message is all never occured before i subscribed to skype and only a couple months after i installed it//so i assume that it has something to do with the fact that skype transforms telephone numbers listed on the page ,in to links? and obviously it’s not succeeding,thusly the error message?or am i this a coding error then?i’m just glad to know what it is,as it was making me believe that maybe my adobe flash was messed up.i actually deleted & re downloaded my adobe flash a while back hoping it would correct the problem.the error message doesn’t bother me now that i know what it is,so i guess when i see it i’ll ignore it.not that big of a deal now that i know…thanx for the info!

    6. After trying out other browser options, I ran into this too and thank you for the solution to this annoying problem.

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