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Apple Time Capsule Flashing Amber

Today I noticed an amber light flashing on my time capsule. Normally I would just rip a power cord out of a device like this and power up again.

Today was different. I was having so much fun making my first iPhone app on my mac, I bothered to stop and thinkā€¦ when was the last time something Apple just funked out for no reason (try never). So I jumped Google for a first hit response.

  • Time Capsule Flashing Amber =
  • Could be there is a software upgrade available for the time capsule.

How do you check?

Applications –> Utilities –> Airport Utility, you’ll see this:

apple time capsule airport utility 1


Click the update button and you are done. Go Mac!


6 thoughts on “Apple Time Capsule Flashing Amber”

  1. Your situation fit mine to a “T”. After many months of flawless operation, it was disconcerting to come in and find the amber light flashing… Pulling the plug did in fact clear the condition, but only for a few days. Following your lead, I did indeed find that a firmware upgrade was available. Here’s hoping for many days of uninterrupted green.

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