How do I know DotNetNuke Corp is off the rails?

There are load of features and functions about DotNetNuke that tick us off. Some big, some small and some that are baseless. It never ceases to astound me why they do some features and functions so poorly.

Today I had to write about a pet hate…

Why when we go to the module definition page, do we see a list of “Upgrades?” with the painfully ugly Microsoft style highlighted version number.


Really. Whoever built that system.. was that look the best you could come up with. It is painful enough that the stupid system does not allow third party developers to reference an RSS feed for their own updates. (Would have thought that was a no brainer). But why Microsoft Word frigging green highlight!

How about something a little classier in the default look. Is this 1998? Think not!

And for anyone reading this who thinks… “well you did not develop it.” That’s only because is is not an open source platform. One of the biggest problems with DotNetNuke is that it is not open source. They claim yes… but just because you call something by a name, does not make it accurate!

There… I said it!

Now back to work.

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