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At InteractiveWebs we have years of experience with DotNetNuke, with more published modules on SnowCovered than any other module developer in the store. (And we don’t publish all our modules.)

  • We have our own full time employed team of DNN developers.
  • We have our own full time employed Server Administrators.
  • We have our own Data Centres with our own equipment.
  • We have Years of Professional DotNetNuke Development Experience.

Quite literally there is no one who is more experienced with everything dotnetnuke.

We Offer Paid Support Services for DotNetNuke

We offer paid support services for DotNetNuke in an easy and covenant process.

  1. You advise us of the issue you are facing.
  2. We estimate an up front cost and advise you.
  3. If you decide to accept the quote, we will request that you buy the equivalent number of support tickets from our store.
  4. We will then complete the support job.

Purchasing Support Tickets

You only need to purchase support tickets if we have advise you how many tickets you will need to purchase upfront for the particular job.

You can purchase support tickets from our Support Store Here.

Supporting our Modules Free VS Charged

All of our DotNetNuke Modules are supported free of charge. We will work to resolve issues that our modules cause, or problems directly related to our modules not working as they should.

Sometimes we have clients who need our modules to be configured in a complex environment, or would like them to work with another conflicting product, or they may just want the people who made the module to set them up for them.

In these instances, we are happy to identify work that goes above an beyond “product support” and provide a quote for the additional work. You will find that we are very reasonable both about the price and what we cover for free.

Purchase Support Tickets Here

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