DotNetNuke DNN An Error Has Occurred When Attempting To Save The File Forum Mdoule

When trying to add a file attachment to the DotNetNuke forum module, we received an error that looked like this.

An Error Has Occurred When Attempting To Save The File C:\webroot\site\\wwwroot\Portals\0\Forums\Attachments\imge.jpg. Please Contact Your Hosting Provider To Ensure The Appropriate Security Settings Have Been Enabled On The Server.

We stuffed around for a longer than normal time looking to fix this. We played with permissions on the website host server and folders, as in most of the forum posts about this error we found, they were all blindly looking at that as the problem.


Check the folder exists – Look in the folder structure to see if the /Forums/Attachments/ folder is actually there.

Create it if is is not – In the website File Manager (ie under the Admin / File Manager DNN menu, create the Attachments folder. ensuring that you set permissions in that file manager to allow all registered users to upload.

Remove then recreate file upload permissions – In the forum administrator area, under the file Attachment Manager, uncheck, then update, then recheck and update the “Enable File Attachment” option.


Aldo remember to check the the Attachments Path is the one you created earlier.

For us, that did the trick.

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