Use RSS feeds in dotnetnuke Email Campaigns Automatically

We have just released some new updates to our Bulk Emailer module for dotnetnuke. These changes are significant in relation to the use of RSS feeds to generate emails and content automatically.

Here is an extract of our manual to assist in the understanding of this feature.

By clicking the “Add New” from the “Edit RSS Management” menu, you will be taken to the location were you define the feed that will be used by the bulk emailer module.

RSS Feed Options


RSS Name

The name given to this RSS feed when used within the Bulk Emailer module. This will determine the token name that is used within an email to insert this RSS feed as defined. E.g. call this feed “feed1” then to call this as content in an email campaign you would insert [rss:feed1] into the body of the message.


This is a text only description of the RSS feed you have linked to. The description will help remind you what feed name relates to what RSS feed when you list the RSS tokens available in a campaign send screen.

No New RSS Items Text

This is the text that will be used in a [rss_difference:] token if there have been no new RSS feed items since the last time an email was sent that references that feed. E.g. If you are sending a reoccurring campaign each week, you may wish this text to read “No new news this week.


This is the URL that will be used to retrieve the RSS content, or basically the RSS URL.

Item Count

When a token is used in an email, this will be the limiting number of RSS messages to be displayed at one time. When the email is part of a reoccurring campaign that is triggered by the change in RSS content, this value will be a limit usually only for the first message sent. Range is 1-100 items.

Sort by Alphabetical Order

Check this option if you want the list sorted by title order.

Import/Export Templates

Use this feature to export custom templates as .zip packages. The packages can then be saved as a backup, or imported on other sites as a template to use in your templates.

Predefined Templates

Select a predefined template to use as the templates for your site. This is a quick and easy to way to use either vertical or horizontal design layouts, “out of the box” with this module.


You can customize the look and feel of the RSS content in the email by modifying the template below. The module uses velocity template engine to render the content. For more detailed information, please visit:


Click the button on the right to preview the RSS message.

What can you do with RSS Feeds

With these advanced RSS options, it is possible to send email messages with RSS content automatically when the count of the RSS changes is reached. This is handled in the Recurring Campaign Management area of the module. Such that when you are defining the recurring campaign, you select the recurring option as the RSS trigger.


In this example we have set the a new email message would be sent, when there are 6 new items in the RSS feed. Then by using the RSS token for the same feed as the content of the email message, the details of the 6 RSS items will be automatically sent in an email to the recipients.

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