Pivot Module for DotNetNuke

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Microsoft Pivot Module for DotNetNuke

Mine your DotNetNuke user accounts to spot trends in your accounts and signup history. Microsoft "Pivot" allows you to organize and display data like never before.

The new technology recently released by Microsoft Labs is allowing the visualization of data that would otherwise be difficult to explore.

Take a look at the Ted Talk Video below to understand this technology, and imagine how you could use it with your DotNetNuke membership data.

There is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot!

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We were inspired by the recent video shown on the ted.com website by Gary Flake.

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View the Microsoft Pivot Video First

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View our Pivot Video Second

This video shows a new and revolutionary way of looking at and manipulating data on the web. We took this idea and decided that it would be cool to make a module that automatically generated a pivot view of information stores.

We, being long time developers in DNN, decided to develop this technology using the scheduler process of DotNetNuke and subsequently produced the DNN Pivot Module. We pushed the design concepts of MS Pivot somewhat, using some smart caching, scheduler processes and image stores to allow the pivot to run with very large data sets.

Check out the end result of the DNN Pivot Module.

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Rock Solid Reliability
Built on years of Custom DotNetNuke Module development experience with DotNetNuke. This DotNetNuke modules both reliable and follows guidelines for modules.

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Silverlight is a powerful platform from Microsoft for creating interactive user experiences for the web.

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Simple Control Panel
As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. With this application we use the traditional stacked control panel.

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Free Updates
We have a policy that currently allows unlimited free updates. Read the policy here

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Pivot is a simple way to interact with a site’s information in new, powerful, informative, and fun ways

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Easy Interface
Designed in conjunction with the pivot browser, users are presented with a simple easy to understand and navigate interface.

Screen Shots:dnn%20pivot

Pivot Module Front Page


DNN Pivot Module Settings


Microsoft Pivot Download Page


DotNetNuke Pivot pulling user accounts into a Pivot


Pivot Module Deep View of User Account Data


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