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DotNetNuke (DNN) Analytics Report ModuleDescription: Free DNN Modules

Google Analytics Report Module allows you to display your Google Analytics Graphs in a custom module on your DNN website.

This allows you to use the Google Analytics free service with your client’s websites, and deliver the results directly to the client without them leaving the DNN platform. This effectively replaces the DNN site log data with a neat flash colour graph of the Analytics Report data.

Now you can have advanced analytics data in your site and have it appear to be part of the DotNetNuke Module Platform that you deliver to clients.

This is another Custom Module for DotNetNuke by InteractiveWebs.Description: Description: DNN Module Version History

Description: Google Analytis Data

Pull Google Analytics Data

The module will pull Google Data directly from your Google account and display the data directly in your website.

Description: DNN Flash Module

Flash Graphic

The module displays the important Analytics data in a Adobe Flash graph directly on your DNN website.

Description: DNN UI

Simple Control User Interface

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. With this application we use SilverLight, and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Description: Analytics Data

Works with Other Analytics Modules

There are many other Google Analytics modules for DNN, but they are all about adding the tracking tokens to your pages. This module is unique in that it is to display the tracked data.

Description: DNN CMS

DotNetNuke CMS

We continue to support the latest version of DotNetNuke advanced CMS website technology This module will work on DNN 4.5.5 and above.

Description: DNN Security

Security Role Controlled

You can sett the permissions on either a page level or module level as to who can view the data. Show your results to the world or only your Administrators.

Description: DNN Display Size

Define the Display Size

Use simple controls to define the size of the chart by height and width, allowing you to fill a particular skin size.

Description: DNN SEO

Work with Multiple Domains

You can use multiple domains on a Google Analytics account. Each account has a Web Profile ID. This module allows you to enter a single ID allowing you to display a single domain on each instance of the module.

Screen Captures:

Google Analyts 1

Visits Metrics by Day

Google Analyts 2

Bounce Rate Metrics by Day

Google Analyts 3
Unique Visits Per Day

Description: Visits

Description: Unique Visits

Description: Page Views

Description: Pages / Visit

Description: Average Time on Site

Description: Bounce Rate

Description: % New Visits

Google Analytics Settings

Enter your Google Analytic Account Data and ID to display the graphic of that data. Easy settings to show the default options that work best for your data.





SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

Description: Versions

DNN 4.5.5 and Above, including DNN 5+

Description: Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions / PDF Manual

Description: History


Description: Code

Source code is not available for the module.

Description: http://images28

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