Editing DotNetNuke Region Data with Advanced Login Module

This post relates to the DotNetNuke Login Module

Add Missing Regional Data to your Website

When you install the module and navigate to the “Configure Module” menu option. One thing you may notice is that the module detects the regional data in your website and offers you to ability to import missing region data.


What is DNN Region Data?

Region Data is the information relating to the regions / states / provinces within a country. For example we know of some popular states within America such as California (CA) or Texas (TX) etc, in Australia, we refer to regions as States. We have locations like New South Wales (NSW) or South Australia (SA) etc.


How is Region Data Used in DNN

In DotNetNuke, the region data is typically used when an individual is registering on the site. If your registration process requires the user to fill in country and state (region), then as the person selects the country, the region data for that specific country is auto filled into the region selector.

For example if United States was the selected country, then the region data would look something like this:

How Advanced Login Uses Region Data

Just like the DNN default registration process, our customizable template for registration, will automatically reference the selected country and display a narrowed down list of regions for that country in the region dropdown selector.

The issue is that in DotNetNuke, the region data is only provided with a new instillation for a few of the more popular regions. The option is available in the DNN language settings to manually add region data for any country in the world. This process is somewhat laborious if you want to add all the common regions for people who would register on a typical website.

Adding Region Data in Advanced Login

Because of the laborious nature of adding region data for the countries and regions missing out of DotNetNuke fresh install, we added a detection and addition feature to Advanced Login Module that will auto fill in the language settings of DNN.

The advantage you have of us conforming to the standard DNN method of managing this data is that even if you decided you don’t have a use for out module on your website. The imported region data will remain in your site when you uninstall our free trial version of the Advanced Login Module.

Add All Missing Region Data

By default, the module detects the countries with missing region data, and will preselect (left hand side) all those countries.

All you need to do to add these countries is click the “Update selected Countries with State/Region Data” button. That’s it!

Updating our Data

You may notice that some countries are not added. This is because we have not been able to reliably obtain region data for those countries.

You can help us update this data by contacting us here, with information about the regions within any of these countries. We will then update and release a new version of the module.

Update Individual Countries Region Data

Firs you need to remove all the detected countries with mission region data.

Then individually troll through the countries list and click on the + to add countries to the list of selected countries for import.

Then when you have a list of countries selected, you click on the “Update selected Countries with State/Region Data”.

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