DotNetNuke Tell A Friend Module now on Jquery

MakeThumbImageAfter some time discovering that Ajax support in DotNetNuke Modules is increasingly fraught with danger, we have moved our Ajax dev over to Jquery and are loving it.
What we found was that with the way Java is used by other developers and skin designers, many of them are not experts with their code (and nor should the be as it can be a complex world in Java). The problem we faced was that our Tell A Friend DNN Module would sometimes encounter conflicts when code others code had not been properly crafted. While we could explain to agar customers trying our product that the problem lay with code used in a skin or other module, it did little to resolve the conflict and actually get our module playing nicely with the ill crafted code.
So we have been on the hunt for a reliable solution. Initially SilverLight looked to be our guiding star, and don’t miss understand, as we are totally committed to a future with Silverligt. What we are saying is that there are times where Silverlight is a sledge hammer on a nut, and for these instances we are looking for a filler solution. Something that gives use great UI with out the need to break out to Silverlight.
Our solution is Jquery, and why we love it is that it allows us to do more with less code, and resolved the conflicts with other code. Check out or New release of Tell A Friend DNN Module.

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