DotNetNuke Bulk Email Campaign with Link Tracking

An Extract from our Bulk Emailer Manual for DotNetNuke DNN


Link Tracking in DNN Email Module

There are three options here.

Delete the campaign history

View the email messages that was sent on the campaign

More data – Clicking this reveals additional information about the campaign.

clip_image001 Link Tracking

Email messages are by default link tracked. Any hyperlink in the email message will display in link tracking. The Thumbnail of the page, and the number of people how have clicked the link from within your email message.

Within this area is also some configuration options to allow you to create a list based on those who respond to a link. This allows you to create a conditional campaign to those who demonstrate interest in an item in your original campaign.



It should be noted that the icons run off a schedule process. And initially the link icons will show as below with the Thumbnail not available:


Once the scheduler has run that generated the thumbnails, the links look something like this:


Clicking on the number in the total links column will reveal some details about who has clicked on that link:


Edit Link

From within the link tracking matrix allows a DNN security role to be defined against a link. All email addresses that match a DNN user’s email address will have the DNN user account added to the specified security role.

This is a powerful feature that can allow you to manage roles based on those who express interest in a link of a campaign, for example a vote link, or link to a YES or NO compliance etc.



Allows for a friendly name for the link to replace the sometimes complex title that may have been necessary in the email message.

Add to list


Allows for the respondents to the link to be added to a custom list. This is similar to adding users to the DNN security roles, but is using the custom lists feature of the Bulk Emailer module.

Remember here too that the custom lists can only contain each individual email once. So clicking the add to list link will only add new email addresses not already on this list.




The search feature allows you to search for an email address and see if it was included in the send, if it has been sent and read.


The details list of the email addresses that have been sent the email, including the read time and status.

The status can be:

· Pending – In queue for sending

· Completed – Sent to the email address

· Read – The recipient has read the message.

View Statistics

Clicking on the View Statistics tab will reveal additional details about the campaign.


· Total Recipients = the total number of unique email addresses in the send

· Blocked email addresses = the number of email addresses that appeared in the campaign send list and also have been identified in the blocked list.

· Bouncing Emails = Email addresses that could not be reached and bounced.

· New Bounces = The number of additions to the bounce email list that were generated from this campaign.

· Messages Read = Total email messages that have been opened at the client end and tracked as read. You should note that it is not possible to track all reads. Some examples of reads not tracked:

§ People who read offline

§ PDA and Mobile phone reads

§ Reads with images turned off on some clients

§ Some clients like yahoo etc.

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1 thought on “DotNetNuke Bulk Email Campaign with Link Tracking”

  1. I really like the Bulk Emailer module. I have an issue that I cannot seem to correct.
    I have setup a hyperlink in text and another to the same pdf document as a button image, only the text link is tracking, though.
    Any ideas why the image link is not?
    In the same email I have an other pair of text and image links which do track correctly. They are linking to a website, not a pdf.

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