DNN Subscription Module

We have updated out DNN Subscription Module.

Description: Description: dnn subscription moduleDotNetNuke Subscriptions Module
Not just another DotNetNuke Subscriptions module, but the most advanced dnn PayPal Subscriptions module.

Now you can allow visitors to your DotNetNuke website to subscribe to products and services, with a professional jQuery pop-up style subscription system.

You can allow automatic recurring subscriptions through the PayPal gateway, and include advanced VAT or GST tax calculations based on the origin of a user.

You can allow automatic recurring subscriptions through the PayPal gateway, and include advanced VAT or GST tax calculations based on the origin of a user. These tax calculations interact with the user’s location to meet the most complex tax rules.

The module includes an automatic DNN signup process for people who are new to your site and wish to subscribe.

Description: Description: http://images02.interactivewebs.com/Portals/56/free-trial.pngDescription: Description: http://images01.interactivewebs.com/Portals/56/buy-now.png

Description: Description: http://images02.interactivewebs.com/portals/66/dnn_redirect.png

Rock Solid Reliability

We have yeas of experience as custom DNN module developers. This module has gone through 20 iterations before being released.

Description: Description: http://images03.interactivewebs.com/portals/66/dnn_subscription.png

jQuery Style Pop-up

This DNN module supports the jQuery and can be accessed on the iPhone and iPad browser.

Description: Description: http://images04.interactivewebs.com/portals/66/dnn-data.png

Simple Control Panel

As with all our products, we work hard to keep our interface simple. Again with this DNN module, we have made the control of options as simple as can be.

Description: Description: DotNeNuke Capcha

Template Control

Control the look and content of your pop-up window with a template / token setting, enabling easy custom control of your process.

Description: Description: http://images03.interactivewebs.com/portals/66/dnn-form.png

Custom HTML Messages

Each part of the subscription process is able to be controlled with custom HTML messages. This allows easy control over the experience of users.

Description: Description: Dot Net Nuke                         Custom Message

Require Terms and Conditions

You can require that users accept your custom terms and conditions with an “I accept” style response before subscribing.

Description: Recurring PayPal

Recurring PayPal

You can redirect a subscriber to custom URL’s based on them being successful in their subscription or cancelling their subscription.

Description: C:\Users\David Finley\Documents\DESIGN Stuff\Icons\Icon Pack\Icone (png)\Blu Style png custom graphics.png

Custom Buttons

Customize your user experience with images as buttons in the module.

Description: DNN Renewal Module

Unpaid Renewals Auto Handled

If a user is due to renew the subscription, and they fail to pay, the module will automatically prevent access to the security role they subscribed to.

Description: Auto Account Creation

Auto Account Creation

Users signing up for a subscription will have a DNN account auto-magically created.

Description: Description: Dot Net Nuke                         Access Control

Control Redirection Addresses

When a user either pays successfully or fails to pay, you can drive them to unique URL’s with custom content.

Description: Description: Dot Net Nuke IP Address

Setup Complex Tax Zones

This module allow complex tax zones to be created, complex rules for all countries and possibilities.

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Browser Compatibility:
Description: Description: http://images10.interactivewebs.com/Portals/42/Browsers.gif




Description: Description: 1 Database

SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and Express

Description: Description: 2 DNN Versions

DNN 4.5 and Above and Full support for DNN 5+

Description: Description: 3 Download Package

PA Install Files for supported DNN Versions

Description: Description: http://images10.interactivewebs.com/portals/58/package.png Version History

Version Histories Available Here

Description: Description: 6 Source Code

Source code is not available for the module.

Description: Description: 5 Updates

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