Download Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is Available–Finally

Reposted: Today the update Rollup 12 for Microsoft CRM 2011 (CRM 2011 Polaris on premises) is available for download at this location:

This update is the long awaited one that is doing the UI update that will add the support for multiple browsers apart from Internet Explorer.
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The image above depicts the functionality included in Polaris. I will now touch upon some of the key ones in a little more detail, hopefully in plain English!

  • Flow User Experience – this is a whole new UX development approach for CRM to remove the number of screen pops that occur during a standard process. In the case of Polaris, Lead and Opportunity and Case management processes will be included. It is important to note that this feature will be turned off for existing online customers, but can be opted into and for new online customer post the release this will be on by default but can be turned off. Flow UX will not be configurable for any other entity other than the Lead, Opportunity and Case in the first release. In the Q2 2013 we would expect that this will be more configurable for custom entities. This is a big step forward on UX development and cements the user experience expected on mobile devices
  • Browser Flexibility – This will enable CRM to be run on a number of browsers including Safari on the IPAD.

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  • Yammer Integration – Tighter integration between CRM and Yammer beyond the current embed functionality. This will enable features such as Like, Follow, visible from within CRM or Yammer and the ability to do global search from yammer to CRM. Yammer will become the future Activity Feeds.  Aligned to this was the recent announcement of pricing plan changes that can be found here making it very affordable to organisations to adopt.
  • Skype integration – As per my previous blog this is a great new feature and will change the way we communicate with our customers from within CRM.
  • Bing Maps – The updated new UX will include native integration to Bing Maps for Contacts and Accounts for free.
  • Pre Defined sales and Service processes – So what is this? Well rather than you telling your partner your processes, your partner will be able to present a best of breed sales process as a starting point from which you can edit and tweak. This will save time in deployment and provide a greater starting point than just rich functionality to configure.
  • Enhanced Complex Deal Management – Microsoft Dynamics CRM will provide additional capabilities to track and manage stakeholders, competitors and pursuit teams for leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts via the new UX capability.

Where did it go? Update 16/01/2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 (UR12), which was readied for availability on January 10 and made available on January 12, has been withdrawn by Microsoft, citing ” an issue that could potentially impact a customer’s database”.
Writing in a blog post on the Microsoft Dynamics community site, CVP for Dynamics CRM Bob Stutz explained that an issue discovered in the “UR12 Server bits” could impact customer databases, so the software download was removed from the Microsoft Download Center.
A new version of UR12 will be made available within the week, according to Stutz.
Dynamics CRM forum members discussed the missing server software for UR 12 on Friday, January 11.  One person notes that she downloaded it on the 9th, discovered issues, and saw that it had been pulled down soon after:

“I grabbed the server component around 10:00 PM eastern on the 9th, and they pulled it down about an hour later. I installed it in my environment and it had a few bugs, maybe MS pulled it down and are frantically fixing?”

Another forum member puzzled over the lack of communication on the missing software:
“Seems wierd [sic] that they were there one moment and gone the next.  Always amazes me that there’s multiple posts when it’s released, but nothing but silence when it gets pulled.  SImilar to UR 10 and UR 11 which both had V2’s (and niether [sic] of which were really fixed).”
This is not the first update rollup to be withdrawn because of undiscovered issues.  UR10 had to be re-released in October 2012 due to several issues.  UR11 was similarly re-released several days after the original due to user-reported issues.
Stutz’s blog post does not elaborate on the problems, but Stutz acknowledges that another consecutive withdrawn update to Dynamics CRM hurts the product’s QA and release processes. He concludes with an assurance: “We have taken measures to improve our engineering processes and methodologies going forward, and we take your feedback very seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.”


28 thoughts on “Download Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is Available–Finally”

  1. Problem is it appears only the Outlook client is actually released, which does not help for the browser support

  2. 1) The server components for Update Rollup 12 are not yet available.
    2) Update Rollup 12 does NOT include the Polaris features of the CRM Online December 2012 Service Update. This is a common misconception despite Microsoft’s attempt to explain their “Roadmap”. See for more details
    Posting comments not working for me here – one last try…

    1. Thanks for the notes Simon. For those reading, it now appears that UR12 will be 22nd January not 13. The linked details above are now not giving the UR12 Server files.
      Simon, if I read you correctly. The UR12 will have the cross browser stuff, but not what MS is calling Polaris. News to me, but OK… I know we are only interested in cross browser support. Frankly this has been the Achilles heel of CRM for years. All the other stuff mentioned with Polaris really is just window dressing.
      I know two things for sure.
      1. I am sick of waiting for cross browser support… like totally sick of it.
      2. MS suck at communicating! “Connect, Unify Harness” The only people reading their media releases are techno noobs who want the information they fail to explain constantly, and the marketing spin doctors who have presided over a Windows dominance fall from 97% to 20% for the last 12 years!
      I rant! It’s hard not to sometimes!

  3. Another important note….Microsoft started communicating to existing CRM Online customers and will continue to do so between Jan. 1 and the end of the month pertaining to the rollout of Polaris. The features you mention at the beginning of your post will only be available to existing CRM online customers if they “Opt-In” to those “Process Forms”. New CRM Online customers starting Jan. 14 will have the Process Forms already enabled. I know that this is the plan in North America. The Skype Integration, Bing Map, etc….stuff will be available for On-Premises customers for the Orion release which is scheduled to be released sometime in Q2 of 2013.

  4. Hello Guys,
    Simon is right about UR12.
    on 9th I saw the files you see today, but I keep trying to see if Microsoft Download Page will have any update about this on midnight and for mu suprise they updated the page! 🙂
    Then, I was able to download all update files and Installed them.
    CrossBrowser is very good and shows to me it works fine. But, this is the only big different feature. All the others updates are about corrected issues.
    Diego Santos

  5. Our CRM Online Organisations will be updated, recieved an e-mail yesterday from Microsoft.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is scheduled for maintenance to update your organization to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update. Your organization will be updated during off-peak hours between January 16, 2013 and January 23, 2013. During the update, your organization is expected to remain fully available with no expected downtime. Refer to this blog post for more information about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update.

  6. We had an interesting issue. Somehow our SRS and Email Router pulled UR12 from WSUS. When it installed yesterday all our email notifications stopped working. I uninstalled them and re-installed up to UR 11 and it’s all happy again. Yesterday our Outlook clients also updated to UR12 and since then we no longer see the tracking token in email subjects. I have tried using the installer with UR6 included but during the installation at the end it automatically updates to UR12 which is annoying. We have declined all UR12 updates from WSUS for the time being. Just need to check that reverting back to UR11 on the Outlook client actually solves the token issue.

    1. FYI, pulling the network cable out when the CRM Client get’s to “Checking Microsoft Updates” allows you to install then update to UR11 manually. After UR11 the tracking token is now working in Outlook again. Nasty UR12. Quite a messy workaround. Luckily we’re a small shop because I wouldn’t be happy to have to do this with an organization of a few thousand. Will be interesting to see if anyone else has this issue.

  7. Notice in the latest update they also took off iPad support. Huge disappointment for many large organizations that aren’t going to get rid of their iPads and move to a Surface tablet….

    1. Apparently not, but can’t comment till I see it running. Been waiting for this update for like 18 months now. Started looking at other CRM system it has been so long.

  8. What’s going on? If I access the CRM on-premise from Firefox or Chrome I get only a gray screen … no error just a gray screen. I also created a new organization, but nothing!

    1. I’m actually confused how you have the files to update the on-premises CRM Rollup 12. At the time I am writing this, the files were pulled from download and are not available?

    1. I’m not sure I would be clammering to get this update just yet. It seems to be frought with an array of bugs and issues. We have been having our customers wait on it 100% until MS has dealt with the issues.

  9. FYI – Most of the features listed (Flow User Experience, Bing Maps Integration, etc.) are NOT included/available through RU12 for the On-Premise version!

  10. This is a big disappointment with RU12. Cross-Browser Support is working for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on Macs. However iPad support was dropped – you still get the mobile version when you pull up CRM on an iPad. Also, the cross-browser support broke some JavaScript that I had running. The scripts still work if the users pull up the CRM in IE, but if you use any other browser the scripts don’t work and need to be re-written.
    Is there any word on when the next update will come out and what features will be included?

    1. Can tell you anything abut the timing from Microsoft. Remember this R12 is about 10 months late. If you need help rewriting the JavaScripts, let us know. We have been doing this for a lot of systems since R12 was released and have become quite the experts at fixing the JavaScripts that break in CRM R12.

  11. For JScript errors with UR12v2 on-premise start here:
    Also beware/aware of the following in UR12v2 on-premise:
    1) Changes to Notes
    2) Inability to copy text from lookup fields
    See last few comments here for issues with the December 2012 Service Update that also occur in UR12:

  12. Is there any concrete info available for ipad cross browser introduction? Very disappointed this was dropped from UR12…

    1. Agree. I have seen mixed results with different browsers, but found that in many cases it was “Code Behind” or customization code that caused problems. We found that after doing the upgrades, we needed to do over much of the code we had doing cleaver stuff on CRM.

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