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How to Disable the CRM 2013 Welcome Screen Popup

CRM 2013 has an annoying CRM 2013 Welcome Popup (First Things First)

CRM 2013 Welcome Popup

Not exactly sure why they did not predict the need to turn of this popup Organisation by organisation, however the solution is to just turn it off for good.

The Solution

On the CRM server, run “Regedit.exe” as an administrator.

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRMAdd  and right click to new 32 Bit DWord

CRM Stop Popup


  • Name the new Dword: DisableNavTour


  • Set the Data Value to 1

Screenshot 2014 08 29 18 18 17

  • Restart IIS

Screenshot 2014 08 29 18 20 11

That’s it, your CRM server should never show the Popup again.


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