Windows 8

Should I load windows 8?

Should I load windows 8? This is the question that many people are going to be asking themselves over the next year or two. So I though I would throw my opinion into the mix for those who value it. Windows 8 is an interesting beast It gets really easy as I get older and the Blamer years draw to a close, to actively dislike most of the innovations coming from Microsoft. You can only feel sorry for them really as peoples user experience with other technologies makes consumers realise what a mediocre user experience the Windows years have been. Mean time, Microsoft have woken up to several facts that clearly have influenced the Windows 8 product. 1. People like the new technologies like iPads, iPhones and Android devices. 2. People like the new experience they have with company relationships with Apple, Google, Amazon, where they can single click and… Read More »Should I load windows 8?