Professional DotNetNuke Support Services

Professional Web Support Services InteractiveWebs Support Services At InteractiveWebs we have years of experience with DotNetNuke, with more published modules on SnowCovered than any other module developer in the store. (And we don’t publish all our modules.) We have our own full time employed team of DNN developers. We have our own full time employed Server Administrators. We have our own Data Centres with our own equipment. We have Years of Professional DotNetNuke Development Experience. Quite literally there is no one who is more experienced with everything dotnetnuke. We Offer Paid Support Services for DotNetNuke We offer paid support services for DotNetNuke in an easy and covenant process. You advise us of the issue you are facing. We estimate an up front cost and advise you. If you decide to accept the quote, we will request that you buy the equivalent number of support tickets from our store. We will… Read More »Professional DotNetNuke Support Services

Outlook Hangs (stops responding) Opening Email Messages Sent from PayPal

[gard] Outlook hangs caused by PayPal messages template fault In just the last few days, I have started experiencing some issues with Outlook when opening messages sent from PayPal. This is happening with the recent versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. Some of the indications of the problem include. Outlook taking longer than normal to open. Outlook with “Reading Pane” on Outlook Stops Responding when clicking on an email from PayPal. If you wait a long time, it will come good, and even show the email message. If you are impatient and cancel out of outlook, your reading pane is gone when you next open it. When loading Outlook you receive a message about and address: Contacting: \\\b\ss\paypalglobal\1\G.4-NS Background information It appears that the cause of this is some malformed tracking cookies being sent from PayPal. While it could be argued that Outlook should handle this invalid… Read More »Outlook Hangs (stops responding) Opening Email Messages Sent from PayPal

SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

One of the most common problems experienced by users of hosted email services is that they find they can only send email messages to their own domain. For Example, if you have two hosted email addresses: You find that you can successfully send an email message from one user to another, but when you try to send to any other domain: You find that the email messages do not send. Solution You need to enable “Authentication” in your configured email account settings. There are many client email programs, probably the most common is Outlook. When you configure an new POP3 email account you normally end up with something that looks like this: If you click on More Settings / Outgoing Server and just tick the option to use the same settings as the incoming mail server. This is all that is needed to enable outbound SMTP authentication.… Read More »SMTP Authentication–I Can Only Send Email to My Domain

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InteractiveWebs Email Setup–Outlook 2010 Encrypted

To configure an encrypted IMAP connection to InteractivWebs Email servers follow the setup below. New Account Next Next Enter: Your Name Your Domain Email address in the format: Your Password (as used to access webmail) Next Comes up with a message about encryption. That’s expected Tick the Manually Configure server Settings (bottom left) Next More Settings OK Update Both the Incoming and Outgoing servers to: Finish Your New IMAP Account is configured with Encrypted Communications.