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CRM 2011 IFD Multi-Tenency Migration Tips

Today we posted a blog about How to configure IFD Hosted Setup in CRM 2011 Following on from that we tested the migration from CRM 4.0 hosted CRM instillations to the newly configured test environment for CRM 2011. We ran into a few problems (and a few things we did not know) and thought others may benefit from this. CRM Migration The process was reasonably simple for us and for that reason we will just list the steps. Backup the CRM 4.0 database to file. On the new CRM 2011 SQL server, perform a normal SQL database restore from the backup file. Use the CRM 2011 deployment tool to “Import and Organisation”. Specifying the obvious settings for the database selection and user mapping. (In our case, we were on the same domain, so user mapping was easy). All this worked well, but there were a few problems when we went… Read More »CRM 2011 IFD Multi-Tenency Migration Tips

Microsoft CRM 2011 How to Configure IFD Hosted Setup

[gard] Like many, we have struggled to configure Microsoft CRM 2011 as an Internet Facing Deployment. There is quite a bit of disjointed and some what typical Microsoft “junk” on how to set this up. So after reading the White Papers, blogs and YouTube videos on the topic, I figured I would need notes for myself as much as anything. This is mostly because I am yet to find one single example that covered the setup I was after. That being: Single Server On an existing domain Running true IFD ready for customer access. The last point it telling, as all the Microsoft examples give a self generated SSL cert, that really is an example of a DEV environment only. We want to test the “real deal”, and don’t mind spending a few $ on a real Certificate to see this in a true working environment. If you need support… Read More »Microsoft CRM 2011 How to Configure IFD Hosted Setup

Alternatives to SVN Subversion for xCode Development

Do you need SVN or is there another way to manage code? We use and manage an SVN server dedicated to our xCode development, but mostly because we can, not because we need to. We have the servers, knowledge and experience to do this so we did. I thought I would suggest another way to share code among multiple developers, and still keep thorough backups of all the things you need. There are a few exceptions and we will list them first. 1. Technically SVN allows for two people to work on the same code at the same time, and for those changes to be mashed together. Sort of. However this is not really the case. SVN does such a lame job of mashing when compared to some TFS systems we have used for years, that we would advise strongly against thinking it will solve this problem. For this reason,… Read More »Alternatives to SVN Subversion for xCode Development

Converting a physical Windows Machine to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine P2V Problem

We recently wanted to move a physical windows 2003 server to a virtual server. This is known as P2V. The machine happened to be a Windows 2003 Server running exchange. One of the reasons we wanted to move, was because the hardware was getting a little long in the tooth, and for various reasons, we did not wish to upgrade the version of exchange. [gard] We were almost successful too, but as you will see, the nail in the coffin was a typical Microsoft issue. One that is just one more reason why our future avoids Microsoft wherever possible. Convert P2V To the physical machine, we installed a VM ware free tool known as VMware VCentre Converter. An easy to use free tool, that converts your physical machine into a virtual VM ware compatible single file. This file could be run on a VMware server. It is really easy… Read More »Converting a physical Windows Machine to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine P2V Problem

Migrating Virtual Server 2005 VHD to Hyper V

  There are a few little tips that I have learned the hard way this week while getting ready for a server data centre move. When migrating from a Virtual Server 2005 to a Hyper V server, you must ensure that you uninstall the Virtual Machine add on tools for Virtual server first. If you do not, you will find that the Hyper V tools will not install until the other package is removed. And that mouse control is not available until these tools are installed. We all know what a pain in the rear end it is to work a Windows server without a mouse. It is much easier if you do it as the last thing before shitting down the VHD before moving it.

Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Rollup 1 Hell

After running the automated update to Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 1, our exchange server stopped being able to mount the data store for the data databases. The error we received looked like this: Event 9512 MSExchange IS While starting database Mailbox Database 123456789, the following error occurred: Non-database file or corrupted database.  Failed to configure MDB. The Event ID was followed by 3154 then 209 then 2131. Kind of bummed me out that yet again, an automated update would kill the Exchange server. But I this is something I am getting more and more used to with Microsoft and their updates. To fix this issue we tried to follow the article here: As this was suggested in some forums we found about the issue. Method 1 was what we selected. Method 1: Run Setup /PrepareAD Run the Setup /PrepareAD command from the Exchange Server CD to prepare the Active… Read More »Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Rollup 1 Hell

Windows 2008 Server IE Security Warnings All the Frigging Time!

Ever wondered how to stop IE from giving you the Add Site messages all the time on a windows 2008 Server? Open Server Manager Under Security Click – Configure ESC And Just Turn it Off! Yeah it is a little less secure when roaming the net. But I don’t roam the net on a server anyway! and yeah it is an overkill to turn it all off rather than tame it down…, but I was not the lame programmer who came up with a system so annoying that by the time you turn it off you are just pleased to see the end of the dam thing. Kind of rings like UAC in Vista… [youtube=] Just one more reason to consider a mac! (Mind you it is better in Vista SP2…. sorry did I say Vista, I meant Windows 7)

Troubles with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 Routing Group Connector

[gard] We have an environment which includes a combination of Microsoft exchange server 2010 and Microsoft exchange server 2003 existing on the same domain. The various reasons at the moment we want to leave both versions of exchange coexisting. What we have noticed is that there are at times delivery problems between the routing group connector that is automatically configured when you add an exchange 2010 server to an existing 2003 domain. This was evident by checking the queue in the exchange 2003 server. It showed that a number of messages were pending delivery and of the status was in “retry”. Naturally enough, Google was our first point of call on this matter and we discovered that there were many others are experiencing delivery problems between the two servers. In our case, the problem may well have initially risen due to some necessary changes that we made with the default… Read More »Troubles with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 Routing Group Connector

Hyper-v Guest OS Failed to start – Failed to create memory contents file

When trying to start a Hyper-V server we received this error. Failed to create memory contents file ‘F:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper–V\Virtual Machines\….(some numbers)…\..morenumbers.bin’ of size 2048MB. The solution for this problem is simple. Make more space available on the drive with the Hyper-V VHD file. The message is indicating that the drive has run out of space. It would be nice if Microsoft could dumb it down.