Discount Coupon Entry not Displaying Opencart

Opencart Cart Version We have been using opencart Version with a custom template or skin. We found that the skin had some coding that stepped users through the “cart” step of the checkout, directly to the checkout process. The stops the “voucher or coupon” step being available to the end user during checkout. (Unless they had more than one item in their cart). The problem appears to be that the template is using the code: <a href="<?php echo $checkout; ?>"   rather than: <a href="<?php echo $cart; ?>"   You see the difference is the word “checkout” vs “cart” in this string. This means that when you click on the: icon for checkout, you are directed to: where you need to go to get the coupon option is:   Things to check first 1. Ensure you have added coupon codes! The first obvious check is to… Read More »Discount Coupon Entry not Displaying Opencart

Opencart on IIS 7.5 Windows 2008 Server FTP Permissions Changing

Opencart and PHP running on IIS, we found Permissions incorrect on uploaded files After working with IIS server running PHP, we found the files uploaded through the web interface of the opencart CMS failed to inherit the correct permissions. After spending weeks time to resolve this problem, believing that it was a glitch that required file permissions to be reset we found an easy solution. The Problem The problem lies with the PHP system running on IIS. When you use a web interface to upload files to your PHP CMS website, they are initially loaded to the PHP defined temporary folder. The temporary folder is set in the PHP.ini file. To find this file and check the setting, you do this: Open IIS and select PHP Manager   Then Check phpinfo()   Then search the php.ini file that opens for “upload_tmp_dir” Notice that the default location (unless you have changed… Read More »Opencart on IIS 7.5 Windows 2008 Server FTP Permissions Changing

Opencart – HTTP Error 500.50 – URL Rewrite Module Error 0x80070005 Handler StaticFile

Problem 500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.   While working with Opencart shopping cart on an IIS server, we encountered this while browsing to a static image file that was uploaded as a website logo file. Solution The problem turned out to be related to IIS permissions. The folder structure hosting the website needed: IIS_IUSRS(<servername>\IIS_IUSRS) – modify to include Modify permissions. As per this article: Once we fixed that the problems all were solved.

Creating a New OpenCart Deployment on a Windows Server IIS

We are going to cover the deployment of an OpenCart (open source shopping cart) on a Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server. We are assuming that the server is setup to run IIS websites, and that you have some general idea about running websites in general on IIS. If this is not the case and you are learning from scratch. Better to learn on Linux server. Assuming you want to get OpenCart running on IIS.   Step 1 – Web Platform Installer Install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer on the server from this link. In Windows 2003 you need to: Go to the directory on your server: C:\php Find the file: php.ini Edit the file in a text browser, finding the following lines: extension=php_curl.dll extension=php_gd2.dll extension=php_mysql.dll And remove the ; before each line: Then save the file. Start a Command Prompt “cmd” and type “iisreset” This enabled MySQL, GD, and… Read More »Creating a New OpenCart Deployment on a Windows Server IIS