Printer Fail due to a Mouse Problem

Call to IT Department Caller:                      Hi, our printer is not working. Customer Service:    What is wrong with it? Caller:                      Mouse is jammed. Customer Service:    Mouse? Printers don’t have a mouse. Caller:                      Mmmmm…….. oh really?… I will send a picture. is Down error=Index+was+outside+the+bounds+of+the+array.&content=0

I have been trying to access the DotNetNuke website for some hours today, and have only ever received this error: error=Index+was+outside+the+bounds+of+the+array.&content=0 DotNetNuke Error     An error has occurred. An error has occurred. Not really the best look for a CMS system. But hay… it is holidays and now they are a corporation, we cannot expect anyone to be on deck this early in the new year!

DNN Modules News

We have created a feedburner feed of our DNN modules news page. This page is where you can view news about all our DNN modules released with the update itesm listed for each version. dnn_module_news

VX SS Wheels

Our Wheelking Client has purlished some interesting VX SS Wheels information. Please have a look at the Wheels Website for more information about these rims.

Ford Focus Rims

Our Wheel King client has posted some interesting data on the Ford Focus Rims, including an interesting review of the wheels available for the popular model. Here is an extract from the page: Ford Focus A lot of so called sports cars these days comprise of little more than a badge, a spoiler kit and a set of alloy wheels – an anodyne, half baked attempt at attracting the brain dead if you ask me. But if instead you’re the type whose right foot gets a little itchy at the mere idea of pounding down a twisty country road in a no holds barred bona fide hot hatch, then perhaps you’d better take a look at this. The face-lifted LV Focus XR5 Turbo, unlike its LT series South African siblings, is a completely German designed and manufactured five-door, five-seater boasting not only the sporty good looks deserved of wearing the XR badge,… Read More »Ford Focus Rims

GTS Wheel HSV W427

We are pleased to announce a range of GTS Wheel information available on the Wheel King website. This page offers a full range of information about the GTS Wheel Rims. All the products can be purcahsed through the Website. Here is an extract of some of the information. OVERVIEW With petrol prices at record levels, interest rates on the up, talk of ‘social responsibility’ and the need to downsize everywhere you turn — and public opinion suggesting local car builders have lost relevance — could you pick a worse time to launch a $150K-plus Aussie-built 7.0-litre (427ci!) “supercar”? Probably not — which makes HSV’s feat of selling out its 2008 build allocation of Australia’s most expensive, most powerful and largest capacity production road car yet, even more amazing… HSV’s $155,500 7.0-litre 375kW limited-edition W427 was launched earlier this week to the rampant ringing of the cash registers across the… Read More »GTS Wheel HSV W427

Commodore Rims

We have a client who is taking their existing wheel website and improving the functionality and range of wheels, rims, mags and other car wheel accessories available. The focus of todays post is to draw attention to the range of commodore rims on their site. The website is

DNN Tell A Friend Module

We have released a new version of the popular module for DotNetNuke that allows you to Tell A Friend of your website and email them the details of the website. This new version includes several updates that improve SEO crawls.  You can find more details about this and other DNN modules on our sites.