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Backup Exec could not find a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software or hardware provider on the media server.

We setup a new job recently on our Backup Exec 12.5 server. One of the jobs had the following error: Backup Exec could not find a Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) software or hardware provider on the media server. To use offhost backup, a VSS provider must be installed on both the media server and on the remote computer. The solution to the is actually easy. It was a mistake we made in setup of the Backup Job. All we had to do was un check the option in Advanced Disk-base Backup.   Hope this helps others.

flash content and z index

Just to set up the scene, a project I am working on requires a Flash navigation set. To tackle the obvious accessibility issues, I have created a run of the mill XHTML list of links that mirrors the Flash version exactly and hidden it from visual browsers using CSS. This is all fine. I have placed the Flash navigation set at the very bottom of theXHTML and positioned it back to the top of the page using CSS, so no major problems there. The problem really starts when I realise that the Flash content is overlapping two other elements of the page, namely a site wide search form and a logo which doubles as a link back to the home page and, as you would expect, due to it’s position within the page structure it is on the top of this ‘stack’ meaning I can’t use the search form and I can’t see… Read More »flash content and z index

Exchange Server 2010 default domain set for outlook web access

We wanted to set the default domain for users logging into outlook web access on Exchange server 2010. By doing this, users would not have to enter the domain\username and would be free to enter just the user name. This is much easier for the typical user of email servers, who lets face it have trouble enough remembering their own name! To do this we performed the following steps. Go to Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\Owa\14.0.639.21\scripts\premium Browse to the 14.0.682.1 folder instead of you have the latest rollup. Open the flogon.js file in notepad ctrl + f and find the text clkLgn(){addPerfMarker after the “clkLgn(){” and before the “addPerfMarker” paste the following. Remember to change DOMAINNAME with your own domain name with no slashes. NOTE: BE SURE THAT YOU PASTE TO NOTEPAD TO VERIFY ” CHARACTERS ARE CORRECT AND ARE NOT 6699’s BUT ARE CORRECT BLOCKQUOTES. var myDomain=”DOMAINNAME” + “\\”;if(gbid(“username”).value.indexOf(myDomain)==-1){gbid(“username”).value=myDomain+gbid(“username”).value;} your end… Read More »Exchange Server 2010 default domain set for outlook web access

Exchange Server 2010 Organization Prerequisites Forest Functional Level 2003

Today I was installing exchange server 2010 and found that the organisation pre-requisites failed with the following message. Organization Prerequisites Failed Error: The forest functional level of the current Active Directory forest is not Windows Server 2003 native or later. To install Exchange Server 2010, the forest functional level must be at least Windows Server 2003 native. Now I went in a look at the domain functionality level and found that the domain was already set to Windows server 2003, but what I never realised previously was that the forest functionality level is set separately. Instead of right clicking on the domain and selecting raise functionality level you click on the active directory domains and trusts and select raise functionality level in there. Once this was completed the installation of the exchange server 2010 was able to proceed without the phone message. Just a little tip for exchange server 2010… Read More »Exchange Server 2010 Organization Prerequisites Forest Functional Level 2003

Microsoft Word 2007 Crashes – Why?

I have an otherwise stable work environment, yet today I discovered the root cause why I sometimes have to reinstall office 2007 to get MS Word to stop crashing. The symptoms are that word started and appears to work ok, but I cannot select any text either right click with mouse or left. If I close the program, the application crashes with all the normal bull crap about recovery and bla bla.. end result is that word remains broken. After much research and mucking around (save you all some time) I found that you have to reinstall. Repair is just a moving progress bar connected to nothing, as I have never seen the repair install process actually do anything useful. But what I am excited about this time is that I worked out the cause. If MS word is open with a document that is not saved, and the operating… Read More »Microsoft Word 2007 Crashes – Why?