E-Learning SCORM Website Hosting and Setup in Sydney Australia

Today we have completed the setup of an Advanced E-Learning SCORM compliant web technology that is perfect for the hosting and management of E-Learning online courses. The services on offer in e-learning include: Setup of custom e-learning website. Setup of e-learning courses online. Setup of online sales of courses, with automatic management of sales and course access. Hosting of broad bandwidth course content. Advanced integration between e-learning and students. Bulk Email and automatic email management to students. Integration between Customer Relationship Management and Students. Course Reporting. Scorm Compliant And a lot more. There is literally nothing we cannot do now in relation to the provision of e-learning coursers and content online. So if you are in the market for a scorm hosting service or e-learning solution. Please get in contact with interactiveWebs. Here are some screen shots of our latest setup.