DotNetNuke Modules

Description Field Templates for Picasa–Desc

Google Picasa has the ability to enter a description for an image. That description text is usually an explanation of what the image is about. We have the ability to access this description text of images using the token: ${item.description} within the template. To make this easy, we have added a second template to the templates within this module, using the same name but with “Desc” in the name. Where The – Dec versions of the templates like the Light box-Desc will display the description text. The templates remain editable as usual, to those of you who are skilled with HTML, CSS etc. We just thought it would be best to include these templates to simplify the process.

DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery

We have been working to improve the UI of our dnn modules in recent times. This has included extensive updates to the backend administrator management. We have struggled for a long time to find a solution that actually works well for us and well for our clients. The problem has always been the fragmentation of web technologies and browsers. Browser brands, versions, libraries, server technologies, uptake of new technologies like Silverlight etc has all been issues for us. It’s one thing for us to develop a great solution, only to find that others struggle to have it implemented correctly. Silverlight is a classic example of this. Versions of SL and operating systems like mac vs pc really make a difference. What we came up with JQuery was the solution. Now that DotNetNuke had the core library built into the CMS, we are able to use it and find that most… Read More »DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery

DotNetNuke Module Update News

Today we have release a range of new module updates for DotNetNuke. These include improved support four many of the modules in a partial trust IIS server environment. All of the module can be Downloaded Free from our DNN Module Download page here. Automatic Link Builder 55.01.13 Automatically create and mange backlinks into and out of your websites to help improve SEO effectiveness of your site.   Tell My Friend 45.05.33 Add a "Tell A Friend" jQuery popup module to your site to allow visitors to spread the word of your great website. Add a "Tell A Friend" link to every page of your site in minutes.   Subscriptions Module 45.02.02 Subscriptions and advanced PayPal auto recurring subscriptions module with tax zones.   Bulk Emailer Download 45.05.96 Bulk Email for DNN with reliable campaign management and advanced tracking features, link tracking, recurring campaign and opt-in module.     Analytics Report… Read More »DotNetNuke Module Update News

DotNetNuke User Login Module–Advanced Login

We have release some great new features with our Advanced Login and Registration module for DotNetNuke. The module can be downloaded from our site in a trial that works 100%. You can test and play with the module, then purchase from Snowcovered our our site if you wish to purchase.   The module allows for a fantastic user login and registration experience, with complete control over all aspects of the look and feel and the effectiveness.       We have completely redone the UI for the module: This helps make the complicated custom options really easy to understand, and helps users with the different modes of the module. Additionally we have added new features that can be viewed here: Some of the new features include: Custom Role Registration during Signup Additional Questions / Answers during password retrieval Custom form messages for during signup and login Detection of duplication… Read More »DotNetNuke User Login Module–Advanced Login

Office 2010 Add-ins not working

We have seen a few instances where an Office 2010 Add-in stops working  and cannot be enabled even is deleted and reinstalled. This can effect our DotNetNuke Module – Microsoft Word Editor, as it uses the Microsoft Office Add-in feature of office. The cause of the problem lays in Microsoft (again) that have decided to make Word (and other office Add-ins) mark a plugin as “Disabled” if it is ever involved in a slow response or crash. Good concept to stop plugins crashing word, but how they do it is so unobvious it catches many people out. The plugins are added to a “Disabled” basket, and will never again be activated unless moved from that basket. Even if the add-in is uninstalled and re-installed. To fix the problem you need to remove the add-in from this list of disabled items in your office application. It does not escape comment that… Read More »Office 2010 Add-ins not working

Outlook Social Connector for DotNetNuke

We have completed a new module for DotNetNuke that takes data directly from your website and feeds it into your Microsoft Outlook as a social feed. Some of you may be aware that Microsoft recently released a new feature in Outlook 2010 called the Social Connector. It allows you to feed data from social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, into your Outlook. When someone sends you an email, or you open a contact or calendar item, the social connector will use the email address of the outlook data to find related social information and feed it into your site. With the new DNN module – Outlook Social Connector for DotNetNuke we are feeding data from your DNN website directly to Outlook. This makes it incredibly easy to see relate a website users activity on your site to an email received by that user. We are yet to document the module… Read More »Outlook Social Connector for DotNetNuke

New DotNetNuke Module to Automatically Create BackLinks for SEO

Today we have launched a new automated module that allows you to automatically create and manage backlinks to your dnn website. This DotNetNuke Module is great a improving the SEO performance of your domain and website. DotNetNuke Automatic Link Builder Module Automatically Manage Links to and from your website with this powerful DNN Module. Others linking to your website is a powerful way to improve Google (and other search engine) rankings of your site. This DNN Module will help you to automatically: Request and Engage Members of your site Accept their back link requests. Monitor that a Reciprocal Link to your site was created. Validate the Back Link to your Site Allow you to Approve or Reject the Link with a single click Automatically have Google Index the sites that link to your site. Continue to monitor the backlink remains in existence Continue to submit to Google the back linked… Read More »New DotNetNuke Module to Automatically Create BackLinks for SEO

Updated the Tell My Friend Module for DNN

Today we have updated out Tell My Friend Module for DNN. The update is significant for us as it represents an entirely new backend for all our modules. The control of which we have finally got right. The reality is that for over a year we have been playing with various technologies and trying to work out what would be best for user management UI. We tried Ajax, Silverlight, ripped images with direct .net code, java and we believe we have it right using some jQuery controls. Check out our update and see what you think. Remember all our DNN modules are free to trial. DNN Tell My Friend Module The DNN Tell My Friend (Tell A Friend) is an advanced DotNetNuke module that allows you to easily as a module to one or many pages of your DNN website. Now with Advanced Jquery code for improved reliability with other… Read More »Updated the Tell My Friend Module for DNN

Microsoft Pivot Module for DotNetNuke Updates

We have released an update of our popular Microsoft Pivot DotNetNuke Module. Mine your DotNetNuke user accounts to spot trends in your accounts and signup history. Microsoft "Pivot" allows you to organize and display data like never before. The new technology recently released by Microsoft Labs is allowing the visualization of data that would otherwise be difficult to explore. Take a look at the Ted Talk Video below to understand this technology, and imagine how you could use it with your DotNetNuke membership data. There is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot! This module is exciting as it allows you to easily launch your profile data as a pivot within minutes. here is nothing else that can sort and arrange data like Microsoft Pivot!   We were inspired by the recent video shown on the website by Gary Flake. View the Microsoft Pivot Video… Read More »Microsoft Pivot Module for DotNetNuke Updates

mht or mhtml is Restricted File Type Valid File Types Include

DotNetNuke File Types When uploading an mht or mhtml file to Bulk Emailer moduel for DotNetNuke. You receive a message that looks like this: The File C:\Inetpub\XXXXXXX\httpdocs\Portals\0\filename.mht Is A Restricted File Type. Valid File Types Include ( *. swf, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf, *.txt, *.xml, *.xsl, *.xsd, *.css, *.zip, *.template, *.csv, *.htmtemplate ). Please Contact Your Hosting Provider If You Need To Upload A File Type Which Is Not Supported. Solution 1. Login to your DotNetNuke website as a host. 2. Navigate to the HOST / Host Settings page – Other Settings 3. Add ‘,mht,mhtml’ (without the ”) into the Allowable File Extensions. 4. Click Update and you are done. DotNetNuke only allows certain file types to be uploaded by default. You need to allow DNN to accept the Microsoft MHT or MHTML file type if you plan on using it… Read More »mht or mhtml is Restricted File Type Valid File Types Include