DotNetNuke Bulk Emailer URL’s Broken



If you are using the Advanced Email Module for DotNeTNuke, called bulk emailer, and you find that the links you place in your emails are not working when they arrive as an email. Then the fix is simple.

In the Bulk Emailer Settings Menu


Click on the option to Update Link


This will force the module to operate on the URL that you are currently working with on the site. It is necessary when you install the module in a dev URL and then try to operate through another URL such as a final domain name url.

The help for the item reads:

If you change the domain name that this module is operating on, then you should click ‘Update Links’ to reset the base URL for Email Tracking, Unsubscription and View Online.

2 thoughts on “DotNetNuke Bulk Emailer URL’s Broken”

  1. I’m seeing something different. The links only work in some browsers! For example, if I check Outlook, the links are fine. If I go straight to webmail and open the exact same email I’m getting a server runtime error – a broken link basically.

    1. Hi Greg. We see you have posted a support ticket on this and will work with you there on this. Hard to say from this comment what the problem is, as we need to look at specifics of what you call “webmail”.

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