My Silverlight Image is not updating within my DNN Module

While working on our upcoming DotNetNuke Module Silverlight Video Library we came across an interesting thing where you would upload an image (replacing the image on the server if it existed already). This works well until we discovered Silverlight was caching the downloaded images. Uploading and replacing an image on the server did nothing as the original jpg was cached. A simple command on the bitmap object allows us to get around and effectively bypass the cached image: bitmap.CreateOptions = BitmapCreateOptions.IgnoreImageCache; Download this DotNetNuke module from our website at: and stay tuned for our new release.

Extract image bitmap from Media Element in DNN Modules with Silverlight 3.0

For our upcoming new release of our DotNetNuke Module¬†Silverlight Video Library with silverlight 3, a feature which previously took more than a few third party dll’s and full trust just to extract a jpg from a wmv was a nightmare. Now with silverlight 3 comes WriteableBitMap! You will quickly fall in love with WriteableBitMap as in just 3 lines of code you can effectively take a screenshot of any UI element and make that the contents for an Image. See below: public WriteableBitmap GetBitmapFromItem(FrameworkElement ctl) { WriteableBitmap wb = new WriteableBitmap((int)ctl.ActualWidth, (int)ctl.ActualHeight); wb.Render(ctl, new TranslateTransform()); wb.Invalidate(); return wb; } Now just use that as the Source object for an image and presto. Since this works for all UI elements, suddenly image reflection becomes a step easier. You could even set a timer object to refresh this every few milliseconds so you get a reflection of video without the overhead of… Read More »Extract image bitmap from Media Element in DNN Modules with Silverlight 3.0

Our First InteractiveWebs Blog

This is the very first Blog we have made. Until now we are focused entirely on the world of custom DotNetNuke Modules, Microsoft CRM and xRM integration technologies and SilverLight 3.0. With all the Free DNN Modules to publish for download from our site at and the custom module development work, we have never found the time to share so much as a thought to blogging. The time has come, and we expect this blog to be a point of contact for people interested in our DotNetNuke skins, modules, and hosting, but also a place where we can share the expertise we have developed over many years of working with ASP.Net and other Microsoft Technologies. We hope you enjoy reading what we have to share.