November 2012

Outlook 2013 Ribbon Keeps Hiding in Office 365

After playing around with the new (totally disappointing) Outlook 2013 I found that the ribbon would keep hiding. While that is annoying enough and I wanted to turn it back to how it was by default, what was really ticking me off was that someone else inadvertently made this happen while on my computer and could not tell me what they have done to set it that way. So I set about working it it. I couldn’t with out help. So I set to Google for assistance. Found nothing, hence I’m writing this. Steps Click a Message in your mail view. Click HOME (the ribbon should appear) Then on the far right of the ribbon, is a little drawing pin icon. In this location That when clicked will turn to the indication above. This pins the ribbon in place. For the record… I am disappointed by the new Office. There… Read More »Outlook 2013 Ribbon Keeps Hiding in Office 365

Import KB Articles from Microsoft CRM to Zendesk

Zendesk KB Import Tool / Sync We have created a tool that allows the importing of Microsoft CRM (IFD) into your Zendesk setup. The simple tool will look at your Microsoft CRM 2011 Articles (also known as KB articles) and draw them into your Zendesk support portal. This is powerful if you have an existing CRM system with useful client data that you wish to expose to your support portal as a way of helping your customers find answers to their questions before they directly lodge a support ticket. Additionally, the tool is smart enough to remove duplications. So if you run it against more than one instance of CRM, you can import KB articles without the fear of duplicating up on KB articles. At the Zendesk end, the KB articles import something like this: From original articles in CRM like this: Versions We have at this stage only release… Read More »Import KB Articles from Microsoft CRM to Zendesk

DotNetNuke – Could not load file or assembly 'Telerik.Web.UI' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.

After upgrading a DNN website, we received this error message. The underlying cause of the problem is sloppy release version upgrades of the DNN core product. The issue is that the release.config file in the update versions of DNN references older versions of the Telerik.Web.UI .dll file in the /bin folder of the install versions of DNN. This means that the settings in your newly updated web.config file are referencing an old version of the Telerik file. The fix is easy Right click on the Telerik.Web.UI.dll file in your sites /bin folder. If the file is not there, then download the install version of your DNN site package from Then extract the file to the /bin folder. Look at the version number of the file. Edit your web.config file to match this data: Save and you are done.