March 2012

Creating a New OpenCart Deployment on a Windows Server IIS

We are going to cover the deployment of an OpenCart (open source shopping cart) on a Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server. We are assuming that the server is setup to run IIS websites, and that you have some general idea about running websites in general on IIS. If this is not the case and you are learning from scratch. Better to learn on Linux server. Assuming you want to get OpenCart running on IIS.   Step 1 – Web Platform Installer Install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer on the server from this link. In Windows 2003 you need to: Go to the directory on your server: C:\php Find the file: php.ini Edit the file in a text browser, finding the following lines: extension=php_curl.dll extension=php_gd2.dll extension=php_mysql.dll And remove the ; before each line: Then save the file. Start a Command Prompt “cmd” and type “iisreset” This enabled MySQL, GD, and… Read More »Creating a New OpenCart Deployment on a Windows Server IIS

Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x80072EE7) yourself–solved.

We were receiving this error constantly when trying to run either the Microsoft Update service or Windows update service. Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x80072EE7) yourself. Solution (fix) As you would expect, there is no help from Microsoft here. We found that the DNS server for the internet connection on this machine was pointing to a local server of ours. We changed this to the Google free DNS service: IP IP And ran the update process again. We found that it worked right away. The likely cause relates to the DNS server we host being unable to look up something Microsoft correctly. We will fix that by updating the way that the server references Microsoft resources. But for now, it is handy to know that the error above was related to a DNS problem.

Understanding Web-Safe Fonts / Web Friendly Fonts

We have often receive lots of questions about Web-safe fonts, or web friendly fonts. We have products that work with technologies like Microsoft Word, and publish back to websites like DotNetNuke. (DNN Word Editor) The issue is that not all fonts will work on all browsers on all computers. Here is the reason why. Web-Safe Fonts There are an awful lot of fonts in the world! For years, no doubt, you’ve been using a ton of them in word processing documents, party invitations, banners, etc. But have you ever noticed how few of them are used on the web? There’s a really good reason for this. When a web page loads, the browser is told to write text onto the screen using a specified font—one that is stored on the computer that the browser is running on. Therefore, if the web page’s code is calling for a font that a… Read More »Understanding Web-Safe Fonts / Web Friendly Fonts

Veranda's | Pergolas | Patios | Alfresco | Designs Kits Melbourne Builders

We are please to announce the launch of one of Melbourne’s premier builders websites. The site for focuses on: Verandahs | Pergolas | Patios | Alfresco | Designs Kits Melbourne Builders As a supplier of: Centenary Pergolas & Carports Eclipse – Louver Roofs Solarspan Roofing Totally Outdoors are one of Australia’s premier supplier and builder of outdoor roofing needs. We are please to be providing services to them, and welcome them on board the InteractiveWebs team.

Microsoft CRM 2011 and Custom Silverlight Development

I noticed a question today on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM discussion site asking “is there anyone who is not trying to sell me their product, that has done something interesting with CRM and Silverlight?” Well yes there is… InteractiveWebs have done several interesting projects with Silverlight as an interface to Microsoft CRM. One of the most interesting of these is a Silverlight membership login system for a grain trading company based in Australia. The business is an organisation that trades produce in a similar way to how shares are traded in the stock market. The difference being that the commodity being traded has been grown by “growers” (farmers) and represents the produce that their farm has for sale in the open grain trade market. Interestingly, Microsoft CRM is being used entirely for the backend management of this trading. This is quite complex in it’s design as you can imagine would… Read More »Microsoft CRM 2011 and Custom Silverlight Development