April 2011

Windows 2008 File Content Search resx files–Solution

Today I was trying to achieve something that was simple in Windows 3.1. Searching a directory in Windows, and checking the content of files for the search term. In this instance, I was searching something from the content of a Web Server directory that contained some resx files. These files are used in a DotNetNuke website to deliver language content to a module. In every version of Windows up until the "Mac Version” (that is the version that makes you get a mac… i.e. Vista). the ability to search was easy. Now, in Windows 2008 server, they have replicated the crap that they call search in Windows 7. So basically no one know how to resolve some strange results. I search the net and found many solutions, but non worked for me. This appears to be one solution: (but who knows) Open Server Manager and select Roles in the left… Read More »Windows 2008 File Content Search resx files–Solution

DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery

We have been working to improve the UI of our dnn modules in recent times. This has included extensive updates to the backend administrator management. We have struggled for a long time to find a solution that actually works well for us and well for our clients. The problem has always been the fragmentation of web technologies and browsers. Browser brands, versions, libraries, server technologies, uptake of new technologies like Silverlight etc has all been issues for us. It’s one thing for us to develop a great solution, only to find that others struggle to have it implemented correctly. Silverlight is a classic example of this. Versions of SL and operating systems like mac vs pc really make a difference. What we came up with JQuery was the solution. Now that DotNetNuke had the core library built into the CMS, we are able to use it and find that most… Read More »DotNetNuke Modules–Under the hood UI and jQuery

Adobe Fireworks CS5 Cannot Close An internal error occurred

For some reason today, I cannot close the Adobe CS5 Fireworks application. When I try I receive: An internal error occurred An internal error occurred That’s right.. twice. The Solution 1. Kill kill kill First off, kill the application by starting the Task Manager (Windows is the assumption here, as the problem would not be there on a mac) 2. Remove some files We on Windows XP, go to: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS5 Windows 7: C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS5 Vista: Who cares! In that folder, change the name (to simulate a delete) or actually delete the following.   Language directory: I personally added a _ after them. for example. This makes it easy to restore if needed. 3. Start Fireworks After that, you start Fireworks, and you are done. It will recreate these files and the language folder. Error gone, all good. Notes There is a lot of discussions around… Read More »Adobe Fireworks CS5 Cannot Close An internal error occurred

DotNetNuke Module Update News

Today we have release a range of new module updates for DotNetNuke. These include improved support four many of the modules in a partial trust IIS server environment. All of the module can be Downloaded Free from our DNN Module Download page here. Automatic Link Builder 55.01.13 Automatically create and mange backlinks into and out of your websites to help improve SEO effectiveness of your site.   Tell My Friend 45.05.33 Add a "Tell A Friend" jQuery popup module to your site to allow visitors to spread the word of your great website. Add a "Tell A Friend" link to every page of your site in minutes.   Subscriptions Module 45.02.02 Subscriptions and advanced PayPal auto recurring subscriptions module with tax zones.   Bulk Emailer Download 45.05.96 Bulk Email for DNN with reliable campaign management and advanced tracking features, link tracking, recurring campaign and opt-in module.     Analytics Report… Read More »DotNetNuke Module Update News

E-Learning SCORM Website Hosting and Setup in Sydney Australia

Today we have completed the setup of an Advanced E-Learning SCORM compliant web technology that is perfect for the hosting and management of E-Learning online courses. The services on offer in e-learning include: Setup of custom e-learning website. Setup of e-learning courses online. Setup of online sales of courses, with automatic management of sales and course access. Hosting of broad bandwidth course content. Advanced integration between e-learning and students. Bulk Email and automatic email management to students. Integration between Customer Relationship Management and Students. Course Reporting. Scorm Compliant And a lot more. There is literally nothing we cannot do now in relation to the provision of e-learning coursers and content online. So if you are in the market for a scorm hosting service or e-learning solution. Please get in contact with interactiveWebs. Here are some screen shots of our latest setup.

Should I install Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 ie9

I asked this question of myself, knowing full well that the answer is a clear NO. But I suckered myself into thinking “I remember those glory days of waiting for every new MS software release”. So I did my research. Pretty much people are saying the same thing. It’s potentially better than IE 8, but still not going to take on Chrome or Firefox, plus there are some bugs and headaches due your way. As dumb as I am, I managed to talk myself into the upgrade, be seeing that this version should upgrade and downgrade with ease. In other words, when it all fails, I can uninstall. So I did it… You guessed it. First thing! That was before the version was even completed for the install. Then came… So at this point I am wondering why Firefox and Chrome both update without rebooting my computer? How 2000 ish… Read More »Should I install Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 ie9

Converting a physical Windows Machine to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine P2V Problem

We recently wanted to move a physical windows 2003 server to a virtual server. This is known as P2V. The machine happened to be a Windows 2003 Server running exchange. One of the reasons we wanted to move, was because the hardware was getting a little long in the tooth, and for various reasons, we did not wish to upgrade the version of exchange. [gard] We were almost successful too, but as you will see, the nail in the coffin was a typical Microsoft issue. One that is just one more reason why our future avoids Microsoft wherever possible. Convert P2V To the physical machine, we installed a VM ware free tool known as VMware VCentre Converter. http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/ An easy to use free tool, that converts your physical machine into a virtual VM ware compatible single file. This file could be run on a VMware server. It is really easy… Read More »Converting a physical Windows Machine to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine P2V Problem