January 2010

Troubles with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 Routing Group Connector

[gard] We have an environment which includes a combination of Microsoft exchange server 2010 and Microsoft exchange server 2003 existing on the same domain. The various reasons at the moment we want to leave both versions of exchange coexisting. What we have noticed is that there are at times delivery problems between the routing group connector that is automatically configured when you add an exchange 2010 server to an existing 2003 domain. This was evident by checking the queue in the exchange 2003 server. It showed that a number of messages were pending delivery and of the status was in “retry”. Naturally enough, Google was our first point of call on this matter and we discovered that there were many others are experiencing delivery problems between the two servers. In our case, the problem may well have initially risen due to some necessary changes that we made with the default… Read More »Troubles with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 Routing Group Connector

flash content and z index

Just to set up the scene, a project I am working on requires a Flash navigation set. To tackle the obvious accessibility issues, I have created a run of the mill XHTML list of links that mirrors the Flash version exactly and hidden it from visual browsers using CSS. This is all fine. I have placed the Flash navigation set at the very bottom of theXHTML and positioned it back to the top of the page using CSS, so no major problems there. The problem really starts when I realise that the Flash content is overlapping two other elements of the page, namely a site wide search form and a logo which doubles as a link back to the home page and, as you would expect, due to it’s position within the page structure it is on the top of this ‘stack’ meaning I can’t use the search form and I can’t see… Read More »flash content and z index

DotNetNuke Module Outlook Sync Update for IIS7

We recently discovered that on IIS7 servers that were not configured with IIS6 compatibility mode on, that the install and setup of our popular DNN Outlook Syncing program would fail. We have addressed this by ensuring that the module no longer requires features of IIS6 that are no longer in IIS7. Today we have finished testing these new features and have release update  45.05.05 of Outlook Sync. For those of you who have not use this DNN module before, it is very similar to Outlook Contacts Pro but does not require any plugin for outlook. It will take the profile data from DotNetNuke and link with a two way sync to your outlook contacts. The established relationship is two way, and does will update data in the opposite side to where the change was made.

DotNetNuke Tell A Friend Module now on Jquery

After some time discovering that Ajax support in DotNetNuke Modules is increasingly fraught with danger, we have moved our Ajax dev over to Jquery and are loving it. What we found was that with the way Java is used by other developers and skin designers, many of them are not experts with their code (and nor should the be as it can be a complex world in Java). The problem we faced was that our Tell A Friend DNN Module would sometimes encounter conflicts when code others code had not been properly crafted. While we could explain to agar customers trying our product that the problem lay with code used in a skin or other module, it did little to resolve the conflict and actually get our module playing nicely with the ill crafted code. So we have been on the hunt for a reliable solution. Initially SilverLight looked to… Read More »DotNetNuke Tell A Friend Module now on Jquery

DotNetNuke.com is Down error=Index+was+outside+the+bounds+of+the+array.&content=0

I have been trying to access the DotNetNuke website for some hours today, and have only ever received this error: error=Index+was+outside+the+bounds+of+the+array.&content=0 DotNetNuke Error     An error has occurred. An error has occurred. Not really the best look for a CMS system. But hay… it is holidays and now they are a corporation, we cannot expect anyone to be on deck this early in the new year!